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Weber Carby 32/36 AGV install on to the EA-81 engine.

Information and photos by Tom Redmond (
(Converted to word/html by Dave Maunder)

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Parts needed:
* Weber carby kit (see step 6)
* Carby spacer (see step 6)
* Usual assortment of tools
* EA82 intake manifold for better performance.
* EA82 lower radiator hose

To start with, you'll need a Weber carb with short filter, and an EA-82 carb style intake, and the adapter kit to mount the Weber on the EA-82 manifold. Also on the list, new intake gaskets, EA-82 lower radiator hose, new T-stat & gasket, and a 99005.120 1/2" spacer which can be purchased thru . Go to they're site, on the left side click on Products, then Misc. Scroll down a bit, and you'l see the spacer.. They also have just about any "slap this carb on this engine" type of adapters, makes ones mind wander a bit. You'll also need assorted bolts and simular items, and some vacuum port plugs.

Strip all of the little steel vac lines off the intake, you don't need them anymore. They just un-bolt, so it's easy. Pull the T-stat off, then remove the hose barb that is located on the side of where the T-stat fits. Drill and tap the hole for an 1/8" pipe plug, and install the plug. There's a boss on that side for some kind of a temperature operateded vacuum device. Tack a hacksaw and remove it, as it'll be in your way. Block-off the EGR valve, if you want to.

Now, on to the EA-81. Drain the coolant, remove intake. Remove the steel line that went to the EGR valve, and plug the port on the head. I cut the line and braized it shut. You need to remove the altenator mount bracket and do some trimming on it, plus drill small hole for throttle return spring, only need hole if you flip the Weber. There's a pic or two that sorta shows these mods. If you flip the Weber, you'll also need to move the attachment bracket the holds the throttle cable on the engine. I used a longer bolt with spacers, going into one of the boltholes that holds the bracket for the pitch-stopper.

You'll need to remove the crank that the throttle cable attaches to on the Hitachi carb for use on the Weber. I had to space mine out about a 1/4", so it would clear some of the linkage on the Weber. I just used a couple of flat washers to do so. If you flip the Weber, you need to install cable crank, up-side-down. You should be ready to start bolting things back onto engine at this point.

When you get to the point of doing the upper T-stat to radiator hose, lay the EA-82 lower hose in that position. If you look at it, and rotate it a bit this way or that way, you'll see how and where to trim it to fit. Really looks like it was meant to be there once it's on.

Top: EA81 manifold, bottom: EA82 manifold. “Bigger is better”

EA82 lower hose used as upper hose.

Flipped linkage

Fuel pressure regulator

Passenger side view

Step 1 – Temperature-stat mods

Step 2 - more mods

Step 3 – Other end of manifold

Step 4 – EGR valve

Step 5 – Carby port mod

Step 6 – More carby port stuff

Step 7 – Alternator bracket modification

Step 8 – Throttle linkage

Step 9 – Throttle cable mount

Step 10 – Upper radiator hose

Step 11 – Small coolant lines

Step 12 - Altenative hose routing - Bushy's subey. - All Aussie Bushranger 4wd's. - Bushy's Bushie. - Convert Lightforce spot lights into HID's!

Updated: 22/Aug/2006.