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AngryVT’s Page


The History of AngryVTdotCOM

     So…a certain whiner, no names mentioned (*ahem* Dan), has requested that the history of the AngryVT phenom be explained and attributed to him.  It is quite true: the AngryVT title is attributed to DK Money….

     One day, upon learning of my chem exam grade, Dan decided to compare his and my grades in his profile.  Being upset with the flagrant display of insolence, I politely requested that he remove my grade.  He, of course, complied.  However, he suggested that those who needed an explanation for the disappearance of my grades from his profile write to me at…(Vermont being the state from which I hail)

     And there you have it: AngryVTdotCOM was born, Dan being the father, and I, well, the surrogate mother.  Yeah, um, let’s just ignore that phrase.


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