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An Exposé:

Infiltrating the Complex Schoolie Society


Schoolie Class of 2002…


    Here at Clarkson, we have this little thing called the “Clarkson Schoool,” which claims to be an institution in which over-achieving high school seniors may enroll and take college courses.  This alleged claim – is it the truth?  Or is it some massive lie, cover-up, or diabolical scheme to dominate the world?

    Although the truth eludes us here at AngryVTdotCOM, we have our theories about the School.  The aim of this page is reveal the most probable history and purpose of the Clarkson School, as well as to pry into the lives and intricate society of its students, whom we affectionately call “schoolies.”


A Proposed History of the School

Schoolie Taxonomy & Society

“My life as a schoolie” : A View from the Inside