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All About Jennifer/Elsie

Hey!! My name be Jennifer, a.k.a Elsie, and I am part of Amity! :) I am real short, have light brown eyes, and my hair color is always changing. My favorite things to do are hang with friends, shop, dance, and go online. In the future I would like to go to S.V.S.U but I'm unsure of what field I'd like to go into. In a few months I will be traveling to Bahia, Brazil for a year as a foreign exchange student. Currently I am a Junior in high school and my favorite subject is business. Some of my close friends include Andrea, Shelly, Sammi, and Tricia. My favorite colors are pink and purple and some of my favorite bands include B2K, Simple Plan, Avril Lavigne, KC and JoJo and many others! My favorite place is New York City and I'd like to see California someday. As far as Amity goes, I am the more outgoing of the two and I met Andrea through band. On the weekends we enjoy spending the night at each others houses, shopping, watching movies, driving around in Blue Bell, or just having a laughing fit.. haha! We've had tons of memories throughout the last year and there will be many more to come!! Amity is Forever! :)

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