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Elaine = Andrea

Bio: I relish the essence of life; the extreme calm before the storm, warm breezes with a hint of pine, falling stars that grace the night-sky, two glowing eyes of an animal, heart beats, small violets and bluebells that clutter the forest floor, sticky mud puddles, smiles, and the intricate workings of the human mind.

Nature is Ancient
"It's wet in the middle
With a shell around it
It's called "life"
It goes wherever it wants to

Don't try to predict it,
Then you'd offend it,
It's MEANT to surprise

Nature is ancient
But surprises us all
Nature is ancient
But surprises us all

Rescue me
form level-head-ness
And the un-necessary luxry of being calm

Nature is ancient
But surprises us all
Nature is ancient
But surprises us all

She's got dark hairs
On her head;
Blonde on her arms;
She sneaks up from behind,
Come on,
You deserve it!

Nature is ancient,
But surprises us all
Nature is ancient,
But surprises us all
~~~ Bjork.

Cont. Bio:

Sixteen years of ecstatic happiness, break-down crying sadness, love, optimisim, joy, restlessness, insomnia, growing, changing, and I've become Andrea; Gemini, writer of the imagination, and kindred spirit.

There are so many things I enjoy about life! With every rain storm I embrace it happily, running through the muddy dirt road, that I live on, just to feel the coldness of the water drenching my body. You are never too old to splash in the puddles and actually get muddy, if God sent rain then enjoy it.

"If you want the rainbow you've got to put up with the rain."
Ah... what a gift, rainbows. Heh. The paintbrush of life gracing the dreary world with a riot of colors, spread from one horizon to the next, for all to view in awe and wonder.

My views on religion are:
I do not think God can truely be worshipped in a church. A church just gives people the feeling of belonging and unity, but it wasn't created by God. My parents are Methodist and think I should also be one; I disagree. Before committing myself to a religion I would like to know how they view God and other matters of faith and I've only just seen the surface of two religions; Luthren and Catholic. I must admit I like Luthren better because as I walked into a Catholic church I felt a deep foreboding inside me and it was as if the ceiling wanted collapse and crush me underneath all of its rubble. The Luthren church I attended was warm, bright, and people were smiling. But still I think religion and the bible, is just a bunch of good ideas put together. But I do believe in God; Heaven and Hell also. If you have complete faith within your heart you do not need the prattlings of priests, who have most likely molested innocent children (sorry to label priests as such but it seemed overwhelming at the numbers of those child-molesters out there preaching to the world about God) , in a church.
Basic Line: Have a good heart, faith, and help others.

Simple Things:
I am a junior, in a High School that is situated in such a small town, it is referred to as a village. There are a pros and cons for this small-town environment.

Cons: No diversity what-so-ever, drives me nuts. I like culture a lot! Hardly any scope for the imagination, unless you go bike riding on the rails to trails, around here. People are a bunch of gossips and care more about their reputation than being themselves but I guess that could be any where. I feel trapped with no escape. Kindred spirits are very difficult to discover. Every one knows eachother, it's hard to meet new people.

Pros: Hmmm. There must be something. We have a subway, yay.

I have blonde hair that as a child it was bleach-blonde and now as I grow older it has darkened considerably. My eyes are special; I was born with strikingly blue eyes and one night, age 5, my mother put me to bed and the next morning they had turned green. Overnight my eyes had changed color; maybe I am a changeling, heh heh. When I've been crying my eyes turn the brightest green ever and when I'm relaxed and happy they are just pretty green. YAY for green-eyed people, world round!

Height: 5'6" ... but I wish to be 5'7" so I can be one inch taller then my mom ;)
I enjoy reading; my mother read to me from baby until I could read thick books by myself. My bookcase is currently double stacked and over flowing; need another one! Writing is my first passion though. My writing goal is to be published and I don't care how much money I get or even if the book is popular; I'm writing because that is what I like to do, not for the money or popularity. Even if I only had one copy of my book, in my hand, that was done by a proffessional company and had a pretty cover I'd be happy! But since it is a lot harder to get published then I had thought this will be my occupation, writer, during the summer when I become a teacher. I want to major in English and minor in Science, teach on the other side of Michigan where there is more culture and people, and then use my summers to travel and write! I will not remain in America for my whole-life, yes it will always be home but I wish to see the world and all of its sights. Rome, Ireland, England, and P.E.I. are at the top of my list.

This year my classes will be:
Spanish 2, Pshycology, Chemistry, Advance Biology, English 11, and History 11.

I used to be in the school band from sixth grade to sophomore year, but I quit this year. I don't hate band, but it will not be helpful for my future, and it takes so much of my time. I wish to get an after school job so that I can pay for my own gas money for my car and marching band takes up way too much time for that. Money is tight, mom is sick - she could have anything ranging from Multiple Scerlosis to a tumor in her spine... and I want to be able to pay for my own gas money, I don't want my parents too - they didn't offer but still! I want to be more independent and I'm very confident that I can be. "Watch Me Shine!" =)

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