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Future Music Entries
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O Aris Sas... Grafei!

Saturday, 21 January 2006

Wx...Gemizei...Gemizei...Ksexeilise...Xynontai ta gigabyte...Plymmhrisame!
Mood:  energetic
Now Playing: Right now, nothing really, alla prin akouga Mpampali, Panousi kai Rouva...
Topic: Future Music Entries
Synexizw lyphra, auth th stixomythia...

Rock - Alternative

The Connells

Hard Rock - Metal


Led Zeppelin
1975-Physical Graffiti

Symphony X
1997-The Divine Wings Of Tragedy
2000-V: The New Mythology Suite

1999-Beware The Heavens

The 69 Eyes
1997-Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
1999-Wasting The Dawn
2000-Blessed Be
2002-Paris Kills

The Gathering
2004-Sleepy Buildings

2004-The Burning
2005-Tools Of Destruction

Timo Tolkki
1994-Classical Variations And Themes
2002-Hymn To Life

Van Halen
1978-Van Halen

Greek Elafro

Anna Vissi (ta grafw, alla den ta exw ftiaksei akoma. Epishs DEN teleiwse h diskografia ths)
1985-Kati Symvainei
1986-H Epomenh Kinhsh
1988- Twra
1993-Ode To The Gods
1995-W! Kypros
2002-X (h trith fora pou to pairnoume, auth th fora oloklhro kai 192)
2003-Paraksenes Eikones
Single-2003-The Remixes
Single-2004-Remixes 2004
(kathws kai diasparta merika apo akoma palaiotera albums ths)

Despina Vandi
1994-Gela Mou
1996-Esena Perimenw

Kaiti Garbi
1990-Gyalia Karfia
1992-Tou Feggariou Anapnoes
1993-Ws Ton Paradeiso

Nikos Karvelas
2003-Party Gia Spasmenes Kardies

Greek Laika

Natasa Theodoridou
1998-Deuterh Agaph
2001-Yp' Euthynh Mou

Greek Pop

Mixalis Xatzigiannis
2001-Xristougenniatikes Melwdies

SUM: 42 albums, 3 singles kai kati psila :)
Synoliko Synolo "DC#3 Katanalwsh(+Aftiaxth Vissi mazi)": 1180
Synoliko Synolo Tou Synolou "Egw Ki Esy Mazi Gia Ena Kalytero Hatchery":1493
Etoimo Hatchery+ Music (an kai tha fygoun kamia 200ara idia) :19572 myrizw hdh...

Posted by Aris at 12:27 PM EET
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New Albums apo Hlia
Mood:  lazy
Now Playing: In Flames - Crawl Through Knives,Vissi - Logia Kai Siwpes
Topic: Future Music Entries
Exoume kai leme:
Tha perasoume sta CD ta ekshs:


1)Antonio Vivaldi - Four Seasons


2)After Forever - 2000 - Prison Of Desire
3)Andromeda - 2003 - II=I
4)Dimmu Borgir - 2001 - Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia
5)Evergrey - 1999 - Solitude-Dominance-Tragedy
6)Into Eternity - 2004 - Buried In Oblivion
7)Liquid Tension Experiment - 1998 - Liquid Tension Experiment
8)Mastodon - 2004 - Leviathan


9)Vangelis - 2001 - Mythodea

Sto INT mas tha perasoume:


1)Dan Swano - 1998 - Moontower
2)Dead Soul Tribe - 2004 - The January Tree
3)Dimmu Borgir - 2003 - Death Cult Armageddon
4)Dimmu Borgir - 1997 - Enthrone Darkness Triumphant
5)Evoken - 2001 - Quietus
6)Garden Wall - 1994 - Path Of Dreams
7)In The Woods - 1999 - Strange In Stereo
8)Krux - 2003 - Krux
9)Lake Of Tears - 1997 - A Crimson Cosmos
10)Lux Occulta - 1999 - My Guardian Anger
11)Opeth - 1995 - Orchid
12)Opeth - 1996 - Morningrise
13)Opeth - 1998 - My Arms, Your Hearse
14)Psychotic Waltz - 1992 - Into The Everflow
15)Psychotic Waltz - 1996 - Bleeding
16)Satyricon - 1996 - Nemesis Divina
17)Screaming Trees - 1992 - Sweet Oblivion
18)The Gathering - 1997 - Nighttime Birds
19)Ved Buens Ende - 1995 - Written In Waters

Epishs apo 4 kai 5 tragoudia sto kathe album twn Symphony X: 2002-The Odyssey kai 1998-Twillight In Olympus antistoixa.

To Soundtrack tou Matrix exei xwristei stous kallitexnes tou (o,ti yparxei se diskografia tous)enw auta pou den einai,exoun meinei mesa sto soundtrack tou matrix.Ara exoume kai leme


21)The Matrix


22)Porcupine Tree - 1995 - The Sky Moves Sideways (Expanded Remaster)

Ara exoume synolo 31 Albums, 313 Songs, 2.46 GB
AUTA!!!ok?ekana to kathikon mou?

Posted by planet/stormrider1672 at 3:35 AM EET
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Wednesday, 18 January 2006

Yparxei kaneis ekei eksw?
Mood:  sad
Now Playing: Apocalyptica - Faraway
Topic: Genika
Why does my heart feel so bad?
Why does my soul feel so bad?

Ksafnika eniwsa ena periergo kryo synaisthima monaksias...
San na emeina o teleutaios anthrwpos panw ston planhth.

Arage ti tha ginotan an ton afhname gia panta?
Poio tha tan to teleutaio mhnyma pou tha afhname?

Ela gkaroutse vale to xeri sou na vgei to vrady...

Posted by Aris at 4:02 AM EET
Updated: Wednesday, 18 January 2006 4:05 AM EET
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Tuesday, 17 January 2006

And so we go on...
Mood:  hungry
Now Playing: Dimmu Borgir - Death Cult Armageddon
Topic: Future Music Entries
Akomh mia fournia grhgora grhogra...

Hard Rock - Metal

Beyond Twilight
2001-The Devil's Hall Of Fame **(Vocals Jorn)**
2005-Section X

Dimmu Borgir
1999-Spiritual Black Dimensions

Eternal Tears Of Sorrow
1997-Sinner's Serenade
2001-A Virgin And A Whore
1998-Vilda Mannu

2003-Burning Earth
2005-Forged by Fire

Jon Oliva's Pain
2004-Tage Mahal


Led Zeppelin
1969-Led Zeppelin
1969-Led Zeppelin II
1970-Led Zeppelin III

Mundanus Imperium
1998-The Spectral Spheres Coronation **(Vocals Jorn)**

1999-Still Life

Rotting Christ
1993-Thy Mighty Contract
1994-Non Serviam
1996-Triarchy Of The Lost Lovers
1999-Sleep Of The Angels

1984-The Dungeons Are Calling
1986-Fight For The Rock

The Haunted


SUM 23 new albums, search result in DC#3 (old&new) : 655

Kouragio, to pouro einai sto dromo tou...

Posted by Aris at 10:36 AM EET
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Monday, 16 January 2006

Provlepw na to trwme sth mapa to messenger sthn ypoloiph zwh mas...
Mood:  d'oh
Now Playing: Cafe Del Mar Volument 6 & 9
Topic: Future Music Entries
Makrys katalogos...Kouragio! An synexisw, apo vdomada pali...A! Kai mhn ksexasw! DA PIPA!!!


Scott Lavender
2005-The Piano Tribute To Iron Maiden

International\Hard Rock - Metal

Blue Oyster Cult
1976-Agents of Fortune

2003-Valley Of The Damned
2004-Sonic Firestorm

Gamma Ray
1991-Sigh No More

1985-Walls Of Jericho
1991-Pink Bubbles Go Ape
1996-The Time Of The Oath
1998-Better Than Raw

EP-1995-For Funerals To Come

1992-Countdown To Extinction

Queensryche (pleon leipei mono to studio 2000-Q2k)
2001-Live Evolution (2CD)
2004-The Art Of Live

Samson (All 3 Albums with Uncle B.)
1980-Head On
1981-Shock Tactics
1990-Live At Reading '81

1980-Strong Arm Of The Law

1991-Shadows Of The Past

Steve Vai
2005-Real Illusions: Reflection

Symphony X
1994-Symphony X
1995-The Damnation Game

1986-The Spell Of Iron
1993-To Live Forever

Trans-Siberian Orchestra
2004-The Lost Christmas Eve

Various Artists
2000-Slave To The Power - The Iron Maiden Tribute
2003-A Tribute To The Beast Vol. 2


2000-The Marshal Mothers LP

Robbie Williams
2005-Intensive Care


Rolling Stones
2005-A Bigger Bang

The Raveonettes
2005-Pretty In Black


Stamatis Gonidis
2005-Ola Live

Sum 36 albums, 438 songs :)

Posted by Aris at 9:45 AM EET
Updated: Monday, 16 January 2006 9:46 AM EET
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Wednesday, 7 December 2005

Mood:  energetic
Now Playing: Judas Priest...T' akousa sxedon ola mexri na to grapsw!!!
Topic: Future Music Entries
Loipon, katw apo to topic "Future Music Entries" mpainei h enhmerwsh gia ta katevasmata alla kai opoiadhpote allh plhroforia.
As kanw th dyskolh arxh (einai tosa polla...)(ta ftiaxnw kai ta grafw parallhla)

International Metal
-1982-Restless And Wild

-1977-Let There Be Rock
-1979-Highway To Hell

-Black Sabbath
-1980-Heaven And Hell

-David Lee Roth
-1986-Eat 'Em And Smile

-Def Leppard
-1980-On Through The Night

-1985-Sacred Heart
-1987-Dream Evil

-Judas Priest (Leipei mono to Jugulator apo studio kai kati live)
-1974-Rocka Rolla
-1976-Sad Wings of Destiny
-1977-Sin After Sin
-1978-Stained Class
-1978-Killing Machine (Hell Bent For Leather)
-1980-British Steel
-1981-Point of Entry (2 tr. elleipan)
-1982-Screaming for Vengeance
-1988-Ram It Down

-1974-Hotter Than Hell

-1984-Hail To England


-1975-Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
-1976-Rainbow Rising
-1978-Long Live Rock 'N' Roll
-1981-Difficult to Cure
-1982-Straight Between the Eyes

-1983-Power And The Glory

-1977-Taken By Force
-1979-Lovedrive (1 tr. elleipe)
-1982-Blackout (4 tr. elleipan)
-1984-Love At First Sting (3 tr. elleipan)
-1988-Savage Amusement
-1996-Pure Instinct (epitelous!)

-Skid Row
-1989-Youth Gone Wild
-1991-Slave To The Grind

-Twisted Sister
-1984-Stay Hungry

-Van Halen
-1979-Van Halen 2
-1981-Fair Warning

International Pop
-Gwen Stefani
-2004-Love Angel Music Baby

----------AYTA! Ouf! 43 Albums...

Posted by Aris at 11:57 AM EET
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Sas Xairetw!
Mood:  celebratory
Now Playing: Kiss - 1976-Destroyer - Full Disc
Topic: Genika
Kalhmera se olous, opws kathe pswnio, etsi ki egw dhmiourghsa to prwto prwsopiko mou blog (mia dynatothta pou mou parexei o neos mas server angelfire-telos diafhmishs) to opoio, prin petaksete ntomates, exei logo yparkshs, kathws ithela na enhmerwnw ton co-owner ths mousikhs sylloghs Stormrider gia ta nea entries pou prokeitai na mpoun sto music. Einai tosa polla pou to message box tha floodarei me th mia.

Alla afou egine pou egine auto to blog, den einai ki asxhmh idea na filoksenhsei eite tis skepseis mas, eite na leitourghsei ws ena koino hmerologio.

Twra, leei oti gia na kanete entries sto blog (opws auto pou kanw egw twra) prepei na eiste melh tou angelfire (tha doume ti tha ginei me auto), pantws fantazomai oti post gia comments tha mporeite na kanete outws h allws, alla den eimai sigouros.

Tha doume sth synexeia. Giortinh atmosfaira pantws. Xronia Polla kai pali ston Niko gia th giorth tou xthes, ki epishs xronia polla sthn Iwanna gia ta genethlia ths. Na ta xiliaseis kai na zhseis eutyxismena!! Ante, wra na parw to mwraki pou nai sth douleia tou!


Posted by Aris at 8:51 AM EET
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