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About Me


    I have lived in Andover Since 2nd grade so how ever long that is!  I love Andover, this place is the shit.  Party's all the time and everywhere and now where getting malls and stores so it's all G! 

    As of right now I am a Cook/Supervisor at Baker Square, this place is a alright place too work but work sucks so fuck it!!!  I needs to get my ass to Collage and quit this shit but as of right now I got Supervisor on my Resume so that's all that matters.  My Hobbies are mainly Computers and Electronics but I also Install and Love Car Systems!!!  Car Shows are the shit too!!!  I play mad Xbox on Kai if you folks are lucky enough to know what that is, I have 2 Xbox's with 2 TVs in my room to play them on:)

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