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Picture's Of Friend's




Lee "Bro Best Friend"

Lee if you actually put your mind to thing's you could actually have everything you wanted, goodl luck in that whole marriage thing. Congradz you and tracy


Kayla *My Dream Girl* LOL

Good luck kayla and may your dream's come true, Best wishes goes out to you and what you do, safe travel's... Someday we'll meet up again.


Eddy *Almost Brother-In-Law*

Yeah like said haha don't need no paper's to prove to be i like that idea well good luck with the girl you got and wish you the most luck.. haha


Marla *Sista*

Idk what to tell about you.. Well you know we have our problem's and so on but still i gotta say i still love ya. :)


Bobby *Auburn Friend*

good luck with all those girl's you

Last But Least Myself

What a fucking loser