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Hopeless Romantic

As time fly on by
I sit and Wait
To just hear a sound escape
From your face

Wait for you for eternity
Waiting for you to set me free
Waiting for you to complete me

So I will wait for you
Wait and wait till the day I die
Just to see you float up high
Stringing the harp
Looking like the angel you are

True To Self

I wish others could feel
The way I feel inside
Yet I hold it in tightly sealed
The pressure of success
Thatís making me depressed

To be socially accepted
I try to join in
But end up being someone I am not
My face grows hot

I buried my true identity
Yet constantly looking out for genuity
Looking for that one
Just to call Hun
And dig up my true identity
To share with fully
And finally feel happy

Emotions Frosted Over

I need to feel again
i just don't know where to begin
I built all these walls
Among all these halls
Feels so empty and cold
That will not stoping taking hold
missing that warmth and passion
Its just a continuation
Like being buried without any light
I try with all my might
To feel that light
To experince the warmth that I miss
But I am stuck in this abyss


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