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  • <a>
  • Anchor: provides an anchor for a hyperlink.
  • <body>
  • Body: the visible portion of the web page.
  • <br>
  • Break: provides a line break.
  • <font>
  • Font: provides an area where the font settings can be adjusted.
  • <img>
  • Image: adds an image to the page.
  • <head>
  • Heading: where the heading or title of the page is located.
  • <hr>
  • Horizontal Rule: provides a horizontal line across the visible portion of the page.
  • <HTML>
  • Hypertext mark-up language: creates an html document.
  • <h1>
  • Headline: sets the size of the headline.
  • <li>
  • List Information: precedes each list item adding a bullet, and sometimes a number.
  • <p>
  • Paragraph: starts a new paragraph.
  • <table>
  • Table: creates a table.
  • <td>
  • Table Data: sets off each cell in a row.
  • <tr>
  • Table Row: sets off each row in a table.
  • <title>
  • Title: Gives the title of the web page, which is shown above the toolbar.
  • <ul>
  • Unordered List: creates a bulleted list.

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