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This is a page For the kind of music me and a couple other people might still like(the videos mtv and vh1 dont play much at all

This is a song the Vince wrote for his daughter Skylar that died at age 4 of cancer.It's on one of Vinces solo albums Carved in stone.

Now for some Dangerous toys

1.Sticks n stones,2.Line em up,3.Pissed

4.Scared,5.Teasin Pleasin,6.Gimmie no lip

Now for some Danger Danger

1.Monkey Business,2.Rock America(live),3.Beat the Bullit(live)

Lita Ford the hottest woman from that era and she still looks great today

Now for a band that fuckin kicks ass in concert i've seen them 4 times and have met all of the guys they are cool as hell. Once I asked the singer how he got his voice so high all he said was one word "vicegrips".

Now for tesla



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