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Press Release

Ty Herndon sings with the kind of wide open emotion that makes him an old friend at first listen. Whether it's the simple, heartfelt romanticism of Vince Gill and Don Schlitz's "You Only Get One", the jaunty "Pretty Good Thing" or the yearning title track, What Mattered Most is an album that shows the Alabama-born singer as an artist who's comfortable and reassuring as a favorite flannel shirt.

Ty Herndon's life reads like a classic country song. raised in a strong family environment on a farm in Butler, Alabama Herndon's earliest memories of family get-togethers were filled with joyful noises. "All the generations would be there with guitars, singing. "I remember my aunt Benny and Lilly and Mother Peggy, who used to do their own radio show as the Todd sisters, out in the kitchen singing in these full voices as they did the dishes, their harmonies just pouring out into the rest of the house."

Initially, the church attracted the 5 year old prodigy to music. "We were spirit-filled Baptists, Assembly and Church Of God people", explains the ruggedly handsome singer. "I was raised on the spirit side of religion where there's a bass and a beat and people testifying with music.

In Ty Herndon's world, its about heart, passion, soul and truth. Whether it's mainlining the emotions of a young kid trying to undo a rash decision on "I Want My Goodbye Back" or the sweeping sense of understanding that underscores "What Mattered Most", Herndon brings a life full of emotions to the table. There is no substitute for the real thing and this gifted young man offers none. (Press Release - 1995)

Ty Herndon got a second chance, and he's making it pay off with What Mettered Most, a stellar album that has already spawned one monster hit.

His first try for recording-star fame ended six years ago when he left Nashville empty-handed. Fortunately instead of heading back to his home state of Alabama, Ty attended country music equivalent of a finishing school - Texas honky-tonks. He earned new attention from the industry after winning the state's 1993 Entertainer of the Yeat Award, and the result is What Mattered Most.

From the album-opening title song to the strains of the wistful "Hat Full Of Rain," Ty's rich tenor serves as the brush that skillfully illustrates 10 musical portraits with integrity and variety.

He sounds rowdy on "I want My Goodbye Back" and drawls for "In Your Face." A powerful duet introduces another new voice, as Stephenie Bentley heats up with Ty on the ballad "Heart Half Empty." Joe Diffie, Vince Gill and Patty Loveless aare some oof the established stars that lend their singing talents to this impressive debut.

Fot the average fan who simply needs a fix of some meaningful music, What Mattered Most is a great excuse to Ty one on....
Nick Krewen (Country Weekly - 1995)

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