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This Is Ty Herndon Greatest Hits

You would be hard pressed to find a recording artist that makes you feel more like a front seat passenger on his musical journey than Ty Herndon. His latest offering "This Is Ty Herndon:Greatest Hits" is an intimate glance in the rear view mirror of the artist and the person; while clearly mapping out where both are going. If "A Few Short Years," the first single from this new CD, is any indication of where his music is about to take you, you better buckle up!

It's no accident that Ty's musical journey began in a small Alabama church. His gifted vocal abilities were nurtured by his gospel/guitar- picking grandmother from the time he was barely able to speak. So when Ty's smooth soulful sound rolled into Music City, he quickly became one of Nashville's most sought after singers. Ty's first single "What Mattered Most" soared to #1 and was named "Music Row Song of the Year" in 1996, which began a cavalcade of awards and nominations.

Ty's latest on Epic Nashville, "This Is Ty Herndon: Greatest Hits," is a familiar heartfelt journey. All the spots on this musical map are an adventure into emotion well worth the trip. There is a lifetime of truth in this album and after six years, five albums and endless miles of travel, Ty still believes that people are moved by music with a purpose. "I'd Move Heaven & Earth," one of the new tracks from his Greatest Hits CD, speaks to the kind of perfect love we're all searching for, while "If the Road Runs Out" is the combination of a solid beat, mixed with a smooth message of unconditional love. "A Few Short Years," the first single from "This Is Ty Herndon: Greatest Hits," is a driving, feel-good song. It's best described by it's own lyrics, "Sometimes you got to dance with danger, Sometimes you got to face your fears, What's life if you ain't gonna live it, nothing but a few short years!"

Ty explains "This past year has made me realize that life is way too short. You have to fully live life every day and not miss the lessons. This song reminds me to take that daily leap." He adds, "When we shy away from life, we shy away from LIVING!" Whether you experience this musical journey as an armchair traveler with the CD, or, from the front seat of a Ty Herndon concert, you're guaranteed an exciting trip. With his movie-star looks, his sweet Southern charm and a voice that has often been called the best in country music, Ty's musical road may never run out!

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