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Church of England School

wilbydec51s.jpg (14238 bytes)

Nativity play 1951(?), Junior Class

back row, far right, Claire Ward

Front row, L to R, Judith Caswell, Sally Topping

wilbydec51bs.jpg (12901 bytes)

Nativity play, same year as above

wilbydec52js.jpg (13770 bytes)

Junior Nativity 1952?

L to R Back Row, Jeffrey Alison, Peter xxx, Claire Ward,  ? , Geoffrey, ? , ? , ? , Richard, alan Peasnell

Front Row, Colin xxx, Sally Topping, Lesley Evans, Diana xxx, Geraldine Rates, Lesley xxx, Ann Taylor,  Una Riley,  Lionel Merton

note the mothers' lovely post-war 'new look' hair styles!

wilbydec52s.jpg (15019 bytes)

Infant's Play 1952 (?)

Back Row L to R, Joyce Hillyard, ? , Pat Dunnit , Patricia Aitchison , Anthony May, Peter Jackson

Middle row, Judith Caswell, Cheryl Meadows, Jeannie Holland, ? , ?

Front Row, Rosalind Brown, Hazel Radwell, Rosalyn Moore,  Irene Brown, Stuart Hooper, Martin Woodward, Lindsay Topping

Wilby School in the early 1950s had two teachers, Mrs Robinson and Miss Knight. Mrs Robinson retired around 1953 and was replaced by Miss G Golby Cadd. This caused a lot of problems as she did not appear to have a clue about teaching (thank heaven for te National Curriculum). The juniors spent most of their time making blotters and blotting books out of blotting paper and decorating them instead of studying to pass the 11+ examination.  Miss Cadd used to give out money and sweets to the children regularly as rewards for what little they did learn.   Supervision at play times was non-existant and the children regularly had quite serious accidents as all the children played together, quite rough games, with dangerous equipment. One infant boy, Nicholas May, was accidentally knocked unconcious in the playground in the mid 1950s so Miss Cadd instructed two bigger boys to carry him home, one took the legs and one the arms! his mother had quite a shock seeing her son being carried up her path like this. Serious eye and finger injuries and head wounds were quite common.

Because of the sudden lack of any child passing the 11+, there was a lot of parental concern, which was quite unusual back in the 1950s, parents had always assumed that teachers knew best and were above reproach.  The MP's help was enlisted, Parliament and the Queen were written to, but to no effect, until eventually Miss Cadd retired.  She found out that one boy's mother had written to Education Offices and as a punishment the boy was not allowed in the school playand had to sit and watch all the rehearsals.

The School building itself was pretty much as it was until the recent extension work in about 1996.  Village schools in those days were very much the poor relation of the town schools which had very good 11+ pass rates.   Because of the lack of transport befroe car ownership became common, villages did tend to be inhabited by poorer farm workers and their families who worked locally, while the richer business people lived in the towns.
may53bs.jpg (14120 bytes)

May day, 1953. ? , ? , ? , ? , Susan Sawyer, ? , Judith Caswell , ? , Jennifer May, ? , Rosalind Brown, Sally Topping, Diane Croxen, ?

may53s.jpg (16622 bytes)
May Day 1953  L to R, Back Row, Pat xxx, Paline Miles, ? ,Sally Topping, Jill Abbott, Diane Croxen, Marlene xxx, Jill xxxx, Judith Brown, Janice xxxx

Front Row, ? , ? , Rosalind Brown, Judith Caswell, Barbara xxxx, Susan Sawyer, Jennifer May

mayqueens.jpg (7486 bytes)
Wilby Fete 1954? Rosalind Brown was crowned Queen of the May in Wilby Playing Fields. Rather bad quality because it is copied from a newspaper cutting.
fete55s.jpg (18173 bytes)
Wilby Fete 1955

L to R,  ? , Alsaka boys, Rosalind Brown (front), Alsaka girl (front),

R to L, Judith Brown, Sally Topping, Lindsay Topping (front)  any help with the rest?

fete56bs.jpg (23948 bytes)
Wilby Fete 1956,  Junior Class

L to R, Susan Sawyer, Geraldine Rates, Ann xxxxx, Sally Topping, Lionel Merton, Paul Marchant, Jeffrey Alison,  Pat xxx

fete56s.jpg (24691 bytes)
Wilby Fete 1955,  Infant Class

L tom R,    ?  , Rosalind Brown, Cheryl Meadows, Rosalyn Moore, Hazel Radwell, Lindsay Topping, Wendy Hollands, Jeannie Hollands

wilbyss.jpg (70437 bytes)
Wilby School 1956 with Miss G Golby Cadd

Back row:-  ?   ? Susan Woodward - Robert Peasnell ?  ? - Carol Brown, Brenda Swain - ?  ?  ?   Martin Woodward

Second from back:-   Patsy Aitchison, Sally Topping - Paul Marchant ? - ? Hazel Radwell ? - Robin Woods ? ?

Third from back:-  Pauline Miles, Jane Barber, Wendy Smith - ? Sally Saunders, Jeannie Hollands, Wendy Hollands, Lindsay Topping - Rosemary Chamberlain, Rosalyn Moore, Susan Pethers

Front Row (short):-  ? ? Irene Brown - Peter Jackson ? Phyllis Grant

The mess on the floor probably means that we had been making the dreaded spills again....

Note the picture of 'The Gleaners' on back wall, wild flowers in jam jars etc

Abundance of plastic hair slides and homeknitted cardies and socks too! (not to mention vests and knickers!)

wilby2ss.jpg (49983 bytes)
Wilby School, 1957/8 (note diminshed numbers due to dreadful teaching!) I was one of the lucky ones who escaped, even though my parents had to move house to the next village...and managed to learn enough to pass the 11+, unlike the rest of the class who spend too many happy days making blotters, spills, baskets and tray cloths.

Back Row:-   Patsy Aitchison, Susan Woodward, Hazel Radwell, Cheryl Meadows

2nd from Back:-  Row Jennifer White, Janet Warner, Rosalind Brown, Jeannie Hollands, Rosalyn Moore

3rd from Back Row:-  Irene Brown, Frances White, Phyllis Grant, Wendy Hollands, Brenda Swain

Front Row:- Robin Woods, Peter Jackson, Martin Woodward, Terry Jones

Any comments or additional information (such as adding a few names!)

thanks to Jeannie Hollands for the last 2 photos and accompanying list of names!

last up-dated 8.3.08

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