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About V.I.P. Pilot/Escorts

In 1990 Darren began V.I.P. Couriers.
A courier business which was started from scratch and took Darren a few good years and alot of hard work to get established and known in Brisbane.

By 1993 V.I.P. Couriers had a fleet of 16 vehicles and was serving a client base of 250 in the greater Brisbane metro area. V.I.P Couriers were not only growing but competitive within the industry and the larger courier companies certainly knew of V.I.P.

It was Darren's dedication and commitment to offering his valued clients excellant service that gave V.I.P its success.

By 1995 Darren could see that some of his courier clients had the need for a Pilot/Escorts for their OVERSIZED loads. With client satisfaction again in Darrens mind he went about setting up a Pilot vehicle.

Hence the birth of V.I.P. Pilot/Escort Services in 1995

V.I.P. Pilot/Escorts are all fully trained and fully Accredited Level 2 Escorts.
Our fleet of vehicles are modern and well maintained and carry all the necessary equipment needed to get the OVERSIZED load delivered safely.