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by Milan V. Smolej1and Pavel V. Tulajev2

1Suvikuja 4B, SF-02120 Espoo Finland
2POB 11, 109462 Moscow, RF

The author gives etymological explanations for Russia and Russians (Venäjä, venäläinen) and Sweden (Ruotsi) in Finnish and its related languages and maintains, that these words clearly indicate close historical connections between Ugro-Finns and Veneti/Slavs.  The invented Norman (Viking) theory about discovery and foundation of Russia and Kiev state is criticised.  In light of latest Russian studies, the interpretations of runic inscriptions are analysed.  According to these discoveries, all runic inscriptions as known today, are written in proto-Slavic language using the Slavic syllable writing method.  At the end the author presents his opinion about corrupt historians, who falsified European history.

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