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by Andrej Rant

Numismatic Society of Slovenia
Ilirska 14, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Each nation as well each individual has a basic right to know the truth about his origin and evolution.  In past history the circumstances were in general not favourable for the Slovenian nation.  This is also one of the reasons that research on our origins did not progress.  The recently acquired independence provides us an opportunity to obtain answers to basic questions related to our past.  Modern science and progress in communications enable a multidisciplinary approach to solve this problem.  Here we are suggesting that a specialized institute for multidisciplinary research on the origin and ethnogenesis of the Slovenian nation should be established and supported by the government of Slovenia.  This institute should be operated either by Slovenian universities or by the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

By analysis of archaeological material, the migration of peoples, their chronology and the evolution of different ethnic groups could be determined.   The results of archeology would be supported by the historical sciences and by comparative ethnology.  Paleolinguistics together with onomastic and toponomastic research could reveal very old traces of past ethnic groups, migrations and relationships with other languages.

One of the final goals would be maps of linguistic evolution in Europe, Asia and North Africa.  In addition such research would benefit from anthropology and paleomedicine.  DNA analysis and the anthropological study of skeletons can confirm a common genetic origin of ethnic groups and mutual relationships.  The research of the newly founded institute should be of great importance also for neighbouring and other European nations.  Therefore, the new institute should be international and with a European dimension.

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