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by Vojislav P. Nikcevic

Filozofski fakultet, YU 81400 Niksic, Montenegro

Immediately after presentation of the theory by Matej Bor, Josko Savli and Ivan Tomazic (1985), which claims that the Veneti (Vends, Vinds) are the ancestors of the Slavs (including Slovenes) and that the Venetian language is the original source and prototype of the pre-Slav language, I supported this theory.  The theory was published in several works that had ethnogenetic, etymological and historical South-Slav character in Slovenian, Montenegrin and Croatian publications.  From the very beginning I inclined to this theory.  That is the reason why three of my works (two are shorter and one is a detailed dissertation) were published in the book Z Veneti v novi cas.  Odgovori - Odmevi - Obravnava (Anthology 1985-1990), edited by Ivan Tomazic (Ljubljana, 1990).  This anthology about the Veneti had a great influence on the European scientific public.

In this dissertation I include some new information about the Veneti, the ancestors of the Slavs and the Venetic language (the original source of the pre-Slav language) in the broader European context.  This information is also included in the books of Francis Kont, the French historian of the Slav's civilization from Sorbonne, Paris; the books of the Croatian scientist and writer Boro Pavlovic from Zagreb; the books of the Montenegrin onomastician and academician Radoslav Rotkovic from Herceg-Novi; the books of the Croatian historian Stjepan Pantelic from Mainz (Germany) and in my lingual works published after the year 1990.

Veneti as the ancestors of the Slavs, and their language as the original source of the Slav's language can be seen in the relationship of the pre-homeland of the Old Slav's ethnic community in the European North-East, and new homeland in today's Republic of Slovenia.  It seems comparatively in relation to the other South-Slav's nations: the Montenegrins, Serbs, Croats, Bosnians/Moslems and their languages.

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