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Reports of the Emperor Julian on Veneti Settlements
in the Region of Aquilea as Late as the 4th Century A.D.

by Ivan Gorenc

Stara Loka 119, SI-4220 Skofja Loka, Slovenia

In Aquilea around 359 AD the Emperor Julian wrote in his book The Heroic Deeds of Constantius, that ". . . the Italian inhabitants of the interior . . . used to be called Heneti . . . preserve the original name . . . but make a trifling addition of one letter at the beginning of the word. . . . ." (i.e. the letter V).  He added that the Romans did not hinder the Veneti from retaining their ancient names but compelled them to acknowledge the dominion of the Roman state.  This country also included some Ligurians and a considerable number of Galatians.

This message gives the following information:

At that time the Veneti lived around Aquilea, They also lived in Pannonia and Moesia, They had their manner of writing, which they still used, as well as their own language.

The Emperor Julian wrote this more than 540 years after the Romans acquired Aquilea.  Thus, Veneti were not romanized after more than 500 years of being under Roman power.  It is quite probable that the situation was similar in other regions, e.g. around Emona.

In Aquilea and its surroundings at that time lived the Veneti, some Ligurians and a considerable number of Galatians (Celts).  Therefore, it is quite probable that the god venerated by the local inhabitants, was the Venetic god Belin.  This was not a Celtic god, as some suggest at present due to lack of knowledge of the original inhabitants of the Aquilea region, the Veneti.  This is also witnessed by other facts, which deserve additional research.

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