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  • Cleveland Signstage Theatre - creating extraordinary professional theatre for hearing and deaf audiences.
  • Deaf Theaters
  • Hands On - arts service organization that provides, advocates and supports the accessibility of the arts for the deaf community in NYC. Includes schedule of accessible arts events.
  • Heart'n Soul Music Theatre - disability arts group in the UK, working principally with learning disabled artists in southeast London.
  • Kaleidoscope Theatre - theatre company whose members include young people with Down's Syndrome.
  • Kids on the Block@
  • National Theatre of the Deaf - professional acting company made up of Deaf and hearing actors. The theatre combines sign language and spoken words.
  • Sign-Sation - children's choir that performs songs in sign language as a community service to the deaf community and enlightenment of the hearing.
  • Van Gogh - founded by brothers Ricky and Robby Heisner, the Atlanta-based group entertains audiences both locally and nationally.
  • Wild Swan Theater - known for its ingenious artistry, its innovative audience accessibility program, and its projects for participants with disabilities. In Ann Arbor, Michigan.