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  • Dr. Bob Martin's Health Talk
  • Dr. Dean Edell (3)
  • Duke and The Doctor Radio Program
  • Family Health - focus of the series is on the common health problems about which people are likely to ask their family physicians.
  • Health Radio - explores the frontiers of mind, body and spirit, accessing the healing power within each of us.
  • Healthsyles - explores the frontiers of mind, body and spirit accessing the healing power within us. Broadcasting Wednesday afternoons from 4-6PM, est.
  • Heart of the Matter - features upbeat interviews with renowned physicians, researchers, fitness and safety experts.
  • Rational Basis of Happiness - live stream RealAudio Internet radio psychology talk show hosted by Dr. Ellen Kenner a private practice clinical psychologist in Rhode Island. Saturday mornings 11:00am ET.
  • Sunday Rounds - Program information, links to medical and health information, and how to contact us.
  • Tooth Talk - educates the orally concerned on dental topics, from implants, caps, dentures, childcare, sealants, and bleaching to treating cavities, gum disease, root canals and bad breathe.
  • Unified Solutions - features and interviews focus on the combination of inspirational concepts, conventional medicine, and complementary approaches to mental and physical well-being.
  • Zorba Paster on Your Health