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General Sites


  • #AutFriends - support and connections for autistic people, their families, and their friends.
  • #Autism

Asperger's Syndrome



Personal Experiences

  • Aeleis in Wonderland
  • Angelo's Voice - an autistic child needs you. Requesting donations for Angelo's special education.
  • Autistic Kids - mother of an autistic boy shares her story, as well as information on rights, schools, support groups, links, and suggested gifts and activities.
  • Come Back Jack - details a family's therapeutic journey with their son, diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.
  • Dotson Family - our life with a child on the autism spectrum, including treatment methods, and things we have found helpful.
  • Jayna Girl - for anyone living with, or trying to understand, a child with PDD-NOS.
  • Kephart, Beth@
  • Omicron's Site - personal experiences of a teenager who has been diagnosed with autism.
  • One Autistic's View - an autistic's journal relating how he is using evolutionary psychology to better understand people.
  • One Mom's view of Autism/PDD - for families of children with autism & PDD. Includes coping with the diagnosis, myths, communication & behavior.
  • V. Smith's Autism Page - designed to help the parents of an autistic child understand the disease.