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Adopt an Athlete

Special Olympics 

The Hunt County Rangers

Purpose - to minimize the personal financial cost to the athlete and his or her family

We would like to thank you for considering your sponsorship toward "adopting an athlete."  

The school districts of Caddo Mills, Greenville, and Quinlan have decided to combine their athletes this year to form one team called the "Hunt County Rangers."  We feel the athletes will benefit from the combined experiences of their coaches, shared resources, and mutual friendships formed from across the county.


If you decide to "Adopt an Athlete"

The athlete will receive: 

  1. Tee-Shirt - which will be part of our team uniform throughout our local competitions, the regional  competition, and the state finals.  After the state competition (24-27 May), the athletes will get to keep their shirt.

  2. Refreshments and drinks at the local competitions, the regional competition, and the state finals.

The sponsor (YOU) will receive:

  1. A letter each month from your athlete - March, April, and May

  2. A team picture

  3. A Press release about your athlete - after each event

  4. Invitation to watch your athlete compete


The Athlete's Tee Shirt


                                   Front Left Chest                       Back of Tee Shirt


Adoption Cost $25 

send your check today to:

Greenville High School Special Olympics Attention: Tommy Guynes   and Steve Price          3501 Lion's Lair Greenville, Texas  75402


Checks payable to: Greenville High School Special Olympics