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Her Excellency, President Aveline de Rais.  Click this photo to view a larger and clearer version of Our Great Leader's portrait.
Mistress Aveline

Absolute Ruler, President-for-Life,
and Supreme Commander.

The speeches of Raoul's President-for-Life.

(18th September 1998) DAWN OF A NEW ERA.

"Loyal female citizens and male slaves: this day sees a new era come to our magnificent island home. No more will the right to rule be granted solely on birth caprice. The outdated and ridiculous belief that birth within the royal family was a sign from Goddess of competency to rule has been smashed. I hereby claim power and authority of this Island, not because my Mother was the last Queen. I, Mistress Aveline, am the woman with the most proficient mind, strongest will, sharpest wit, and longest experience in the domination and correction of behaviour and punishment of males, and am therefore the most skilled woman to rule. Henceforth, once my resplendent cycle on this planet ceases, all following female rulers will be selected by skill," Mistress Aveline declared in her Palace at Fleetwood, on sunny Raoul, today.

"To make sure my desires are followed, I have dissolved the Monarchy and now proclaim Raoul to be a slave Republic. I renounce any claim to the title 'Her Royal Highness'. I will, from this date on, be known as Mistress Aveline, Absolute Ruler, President-for-Life, and Supreme Commander," she declared. "Many changes will be made to the Republic and it's constitution, and you will be notified of those which I believe it is in your best interest to be made aware of. You will find that as long as you continue to follow my orders in exact detail, and that all women continue to support each other in taking control of every aspect of their lives (under my guidance of course), I will continue to be the same caring, generous ruler that you have always known. Those who dare to defy me will also find that the nature of my disposition has not changed either with the name change. I will, as always, execute harsh and appropriate punishment on those foolish enough to cross my path," the President concluded. (ends)

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