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Niue Island
Niue is one of the world's smallest self-governing states. The island has a population of only 1750 and a surface of 259 square kilometres. Niue is an elevated atoll and it is one of the largest coral islands in the world. Niue's greatest attractions are its chasms and crevices. The Niueans are related to Samoans and Tongans rather than Tahitians and also the Niuean language is related to both the Samoan and the Tongan language. The name Niue is derived from niu, meaning coconut tree.

Niue flag
Niue was colonized by the Samoans in the 9th or 10th centrury A.D., but the Tongans invaded the island in the 16th century. Later, in 1774, Captain Cook visited the island three times, but he got a hostile reception from Niuean warriors. In 1864 a Niuean who had been trained by the Samoans managed to convert some Niueans to Christianity, but only in 1849 a group of Samoan pastors managed to really implement the faith on the island. The first British recedent was British missionary George Lawes, who arrived in 1861

Niue became internally self-governing in free association with New Zealand on 19 October 1974. The Assembly has twenty members, fourteen from village constituencies and six elected from a single island-wide constituency. The premier is elected by the Assembly. Hon. Sir Robert R. Rex. was the first elected premier, Premier Hon Mititaiagimene Young Vivian is the current premier

The average temperature varies from 27 degrees Celsius from December to March, to 24 degrees Celsius from April to November. December to March is the hurricane season. The average annual rainfall is 2,000 mm. The prevailing trade winds, caused by hot air rising near the equator, blow from April to November

Facts and figures
Year of independence: 1974
Land area: 259 sq km
Sea area: 390,000 sq km
Inhabitants: 2,156 (July 2004 est.)
Capital: Alofi
Emigration: 330%
Birth rate (per 1,000): 22
Death rate (per 1,000): 9
Currency: NZD
Time Zone: -11 hours from GMT

Niue stamps

Niue Tourisme Office
P.O. Box 42
Niue Tourism Office
P.O. Box 68541
Newton, Auckland
New Zealand

atoll = a ring-shaped island made of coral, partly or completely enclosing an area of sea water.

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