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Scott Rankin -- Biography Page

Scott Rankin
Singer / Songwriter
Lavon, Texas
36 years

Family and Friends

I am one of the luckiest men alive, because of the family and friends that surround me. I have an 8 year old son. His name is Mason Scott Rankin. I live in Lavon with my wife, Carla. She has three great sons. So, together that makes 6. Don't worry, it's a huge house! LOL.

My dad was a great man, and always will be. Nobody I know, worked as hard as he did to provide for his family. I hope to be just like him. He passed on a few years back, but he will always be with us. My mother also passed not long ago. She will be dearly missed. I am thankful to have been close to her. I have two brothers, Randy, who is the oldest, and Barry who is the youngest. Never underestimate the importance of a close relationship with your family. It is priceless and unmatchable. Check out my new sites on Myspace at and at our band website

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