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Andros Island

The Beach

Andros Island has many wonderful beaches. Beaches which have sand and trees are normally on the leeward side of the island. Leeward is the side that is not exposed to harsh conditions such as wind and waves. Hence, the windward side of Andros Island is very rocky with little vegetation. A good example of windward is the picture of the fault line below. This fault line is on the windward side of a nearby caye (a small island).

Even though Forfar Field Station is located on the windward side of Andros, it has sandy beaches because of the reefs that stop the wind and waves from hitting the shore.

A Fault Line

On a nearby caye, there is evidence of how Andros Island was formed.

A Conch Shell

Andros Island Has many beautiful beaches with unique shells, animals, and plants.

The weather on Andros is currently: