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Saddam/Al-Hussein's Republican Guards

        Waseem Al-Hussein Hermiz Website

produced by the  AL-AMIN (Iraqi Secret Intelligence Service)

HELLO to ALL Friends and Lovers of The GREAT NATION of IRAQ (Formerly known as MESOPOTAMIA, The Land Between Two Rivers)
This site is dedicated to the Iraqi and Arabic Media for you to find out the latest in News, Business, Sport, Entertainment and learn about the culture of those places.

***There are Games and Jokes included in this website.***

This site is also, indirectly, associated with SADDAM HUSSEIN The Leader of the Proud Nation of GREAT IRAQ.
May you Add This site to your Favorites or Bookmark it and May The All-Knowing, All-Seeing and All-Loving Allah Bless You.

ENJOY The Following Jokes!

Q: What is the best Iraqi job?
A: Foreign Ambassador.
Q: What does Miss Muffet and Saddam have in common?
A: They both have Kurds in their Whey.
Q: What do Saddam Hussein and General Custer have in common?
A: They both want to know where the hell the Tomahawks are coming from.
Q: Why does the Iraqi Navy have glass bottom boats?
A: So they can see their Air Force.
    Saddam Backwards = MADD ASS

Iraqi Definitions

    Victory: [vic-tor-e] n. Total rout by opposing forces, complete and utter destruction of your forces by an enemy, esp. in wartime. Retreat and surrender. Known as defeat(q.v.) in other countries.
    Scud: [skud] v. ... 3.Archery. (of an arrow) to fly too high and wide of the mark.

Top Ten Ways Saddam Can Improve his image

10.Three words: Adopt a kitty
9. Join the cast of MTV's "The Real World: Baghdad"
8. Instead of using terrorism to get his way, try saying "please"(I hear that word less and less each day)
7. Auction off his mustache on QVC
6. Start marketing adorable "Tickle Me Saddam" doll
5. Replace a military beret with one of those hats with 2 beer cans attached to it
4. Star in a new situation comedy "Dharma and Greg and Saddam"
3. Do one of those cute milk mustache ads (he's already done it, as you can see on my picture above)
2. Deliver military orders with sock puppet -- pretend he's the crazy one (reminds me of Mr. Garrison on SOUTHPARK)

And the Number One way Saddam Hussein can improve his image...
Change his last name to Hus-Seinfeld
(Those jokes were taken from a collection of sites & are in no way the author's views on Iraq and Saddam)


NOW, For The Serious STUFF, Scroll Downwards

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