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Jennifer's Equine & Cowboy Art

These are a few of my works. Most of what I have done has been for myself, however I have one drawing that was done on commission and I've done several works for classes. I have spent most of my life around horses, so I have a working knowledge of their anatomy, gaits, personalities, and so forth. I am looking forward to commissioning portraits of people and animals. If you see a work you like, or want to commission a portrait, please email me and I'll give you some prices.
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{Some Portrait Sketches}
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{Some Projects I am working on...}
Need a Welder?

Into The Night

This is a charcoal drawing. It is about 8 1/2" x 11". I have it in an inexpensive wooden frame.


This is a drawing of my mare that I used to barrel race on.

First Bonanza

I used pointillism to create this work. Pointillism is lots and lots of dots, usually made with an ink pen. This work has been professionally matted and framed. Unfortunately, my scanner was not big enough to get the frame.

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