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Whale Cove

The small village of 'Whale Cove' is situated
on part of north mountain along Digby Neck,
overlooking the Bay of Fundy.
The 'Cove' got its name because of the
many whale sightings seen here over the years.

TheHarbour is used by some local fishermen
to moor or land their boats during fishing
season or to do repairs. Boats fish for
lobster in season, handlining fish, and drag fishing.
Other boats enter the harbour for various reasons.
Last year a group of adventurous 'Kayakers' came
across the Bay of Fundy from New Brunswick
to camp with us.

The 'Wharf' is an attraction for tourists/visitors
who love to have the experience of catching
their own fish of the day. 'Mackeral' are
often plentiful at certain times of the season.

The'Rock Beach' is a pleasure to explore.
Bay of Fundy tides bring various kinds of
treasures.Although the beach is smaller than some, it
has a character all its own. Many collectors
roam for agate and other types of rocks.

Whale Cove has 14 resident homes, with most
of the folks having lived their generations here
for over 100 years. Folks are friendly and love
meeting new people.You can see ducks, wild
turkeys, chickens, and pets nearby.

'Sunsets' in Whale Cove are spectacular.The sunset
on the side of this page one
taken recently.

A stroll through the village is a refreshing,
relaxing one for all who do so.

Lobster Boats At Whale Cove

These boats are resting on the way-poles
beside the Whale Cove wharf.

Whale Cove Beach

This is a picture on a windy day
causing huge waves to pound of the shore.
Each season has its own beauty here.

Whale Cove Harbour

Whales are oft-times seen surfacing and playing
in the harbour.

'The Right Whales or Humpback Whales' are the
most familiar whales for this area.