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ALABAMA's 5:00 500

As Teddy tries to drive the bus,
Randy hangs his head out of the window,
Trying to move the traffic along like he would his

Steve, standing at the front of the bus,
Tries to tell Teddy how to drive and to slow it
down, while trying to get Randy to get his head back into the bus.

Mark, watching in glee,
Smiles and makes remarks to Greg,
Who is trying to write and begging Teddy,
To please take it easy if he is going to hit those bumps.
While Jeff sits with his hands over his face
In disbelief and wishing he would have taken the plane.

@Wendy Bruner

A Song for Alabama

You come into our lives.
You show us joy, sadness,
happiness, and love
through your songs.
You say you believe in us,
you say you love us
and yes, we do believe.

You have given of yourselves
when many in your place would not.
You make us feel special,
each one of us in your own way.
You have given us what we wanted
even when it seemed impossible.

You are by no means perfect.
You have faults,
we all know that,
but you have kept them away
from the public eye.

You have proven that
even people with faults
can still have good and caring hearts.
You have many times said to us
that we keep the fire burning.
If it was not for us
you could not do what you do.
You could not have come
as far as you have.
Well,it works two ways, my friend.

Like you have said you will give us your song
and we will give you the memories.
But you also give us memories.
You leave us feeling like you
are our friend.
You leave us feeling special.
Your love and respect to us is what
keeps our fires burning.
Your love and respect keeps us believing
in your song and your music.
You give us each a part of you
every time you write a song, every
time you sign autographs,
every time you perform on stage
and that is what keeps
the fires burning.
So,it's a two-way street
and as long as you keep being our
"boys in the band"
We will keep remembering you
as "The boys in the band".

As long as you keep giving us your songs,
we'll keep giving you our love

and even when time passes by
and y'all move on to other things,
our undying devotion will forever be with you.
Our undying devotion will forever
keep your music going on
Long after it is all over with.
You ask us if you can
come back again and again. Well,
the answer to that question is yes.
You will forever be able to come back to us
and we will be there waiting.
We will be there with open arms as you are for us.

So, Randy, Teddy, Jeff and Mark,
please always remember you are forever
in our hearts
and we will always believe in you
We will always be there for you
as long as you need us.
All those years
in Carolina, all those years you
have given of yourselves,
all those family times you may have missed
Have not been in vain.
You have given the world
a very special gift
The gift of music.

A gift that will forever remain
in all our hearts.
Now my song is done.
But one more thing
needs to be said.
We will forever love you.
We,the fans.

Wendy Bruner