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O believers ! Eat of the good things that We have

provided you with and give thanks to Allah.

(2: 172)


Though thorough research has gone into producing this guideline, it is by no means complete and only covers the common products as it is very difficult to obtain exactly the listing of halal and haram ingredients present in all products.  Also, companies are constantly changing their product ingredients and Muslims should always be aware that what is originally certified halal might in the future be haram and vice versa.  Due to aggressive campaigning by The Vegetarian Society, UK, most products now display their symbol ‘Suitable For Vegetarians’ which means that there is NO animal content in that particular product, making it halal.  However, a product can still contain alcohol, making it haram.  Please check.


Points to note:

·            Medicine containing alcohol is not permissible unless on authority of a doctor with no alternative medicine available.

·     If alcohol undergoes significant chemical changes causing it to lose its original properties via chemical processes, then its usage and consumption is permissible, as in the case where wine has turned into vinegar.  Hence, it is also why all soap (without pig-derived ingredients) are permissible to use for Muslims.

·     Gelatine is a thickener derived from skins, tendons, ligaments, bones to produce a gelling agent.  Some remnant of the original product still remains in the final packaged product, making it impure and improper for use despite the great chemical changes it underwent.

·            Processed foods contain food additives, regulated by the alphabet ‘E’, such as emulsifiers, raising agents, preservatives, colouring and gelling agents.  At time of compilation, all other ‘E’ number additives are halal except for these:

‘E’ Number



Cochineal - derived from the cochineal beetle


Alpha-, Beta-, Gamma- Carotene – haram if gelatine is added to it


Mono and Di-Glycerides of fatty acids – when Glycerol is used, one has to find out the source whether animal or synthetic

E472 (a-e)

Lactic acid esters of Mono- and D-Glycerides of fatty acids, prepared from esters of Glycerol


Sucrose esters of fatty acids prepared from Glycerol and Sucrose


Sycroglycerides prepared by reaction of Sucrose on natural Triglycerides, derived from palm oil, lard, etc


Polyglycerol esters of fatty acids, prepared in the labrotary


Polyglycerol esters of polycondensed fatty acids of castor oil, prepared from castor oil and Glycerol esters


Propylene Glycol of fatty acids


Prepared from esters of glycerol and lactic acid


Stearic Acid, naturally occurring fatty acid found in animal fats and vegetable oils, used as anticaking agent


Prepared synthetically from commercial stearic acid


Prepared from insect, meat and fish extract


Same source as E631




Naturally occurring amino acid manufactured from animal hair and chicken feathers


·     Rennet is an enzyme which can be animal or microbial.  It is a mixture of 2 enzymes derived from calves’ stomachs and is used in cheese-making.  Whey powder is a product of cheese-making using rennet.  If the rennet is extracted from an Islamically slaughtered animal, it is halal.  If not, scholars differ in opinion, with permissible and impermissible fatwas arising.  Therefore consumption of whey powder and rennet-based products depends on which fatwa is held to.  According to taqwa, abstinence is desirable.  As far as possible, buy cheese suitable for vegetarians.






Cadbury’s (Manor Bakeries)

·     halal - Caramel Cake Bars, Caramel Cakes (Selection Pack), Caramel Mini Cake Bars, Chocolate Flake Cake, Chocolate Mini Rolls, Christmas Log, Christmas Pudding Cakes, Creamy White Buttons Cakes, Flake Cakes, Fry’s Turkish Delight Cakes, Fudge Cakes, Jaffa Cubes, Milk Choc Mini Cake Bars, Milk Chocolate Cake Bars, Mini Swiss Gateaux, Mini Yule Logs, Orange Choc Roll, Orange Egg Cake, Rich Chocolate Roll, Snow Flake Cakes, Swiss Gateaux, Toffee Mini Rolls, Turkish Delight Mini Cake Bars


Lyons Cake

·            Battenberg; Buttercream Sandwich; Carrot Corner House Cake; Chocolate – Crunch Cakes, Cup Cakes, Fudge Cake, Sandwich, Slices, Swiss Roll; Coconut Crunch Cakes; Easter Egg Cakes; Family Chocolate Swiss Roll; Farmhouse Slices; French Sandwich; Jaffa fingers; Jumbo Chocolate Swiss Roll; Lemon – Cup Cakes, Curd Tarts, Slices; Lyons 6 Chocolate Cup Cakes; Mandarin Chocolate Cake and Roll; Merry Mellows; Mince Pies; Orange Cup Cakes; Raspberry & Vanilla Swiss Roll; Raspberry Swiss Roll; Trifle Sponges; Viennese Whirls


Mr Kipling

·     Almond Slices, Angel Slices, Apricot & Raisin Flapjacks, Bakewell Slices, Bakewell Tart, Battenberg, Black Forest Slices, Caramel Shortcakes, Cherry Bakewells, Cherry Slices, Chocolate Chip Cake Bars, Christmas Slices, classic Collection, Country Slices, Classic Collection, Country Slices, Double Chocolate Cake Bites, Dundee Slices, Fruit Trifles, Individual Apple & Blackcurrant Pie, Jam Tarts Selection, Lemon Slices, Manor House Cake, Marble Choc & Vanilla Slices, Mince Parcels, Mince Pies, Mini Battenberg, Mini Coconut and Lemon Sponge Cakes, Mini Orange/Lemon Battenberg Cakes, Mini Victoria Sponge Cakes, Mini Xmas Cakes, Rich Chocolate Slices, Santa Bake, Stollen Slices, Strawberry Sundaes, Tangy Lemon Tartlets, Treacle Tart




All Normal & Diet - Seven Up, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Lilt, Fanta, Tango, Pepsi Cola;  Schweppes, Five Alive, Fruit Burst, Sunny Delight, Lucozade, Ribena




Bestfoods UK Ltd

·     pot noodles with chicken/beef/turkey flavour certified ‘Suitable For Vegetarians’ and therefore HALAL


Golden Wonder

·     halal – GW Pickled Onion, Prawn Cocktails, Spring Onion, Ringos Cheese and Onions


Kettle Foods Ltd

·     halal – Kettle Baked Potato Chip: flavours Sea Salt and Olive Oil, Sundried Tomato and Herb, sour Cream and Chips, Kettle Chips: flavours Balsamic vinegar and Sea Salt, Butter and Mint Seasonal Edition, French Onion, Kansas City Barbacue, Lightly Salted, Salsa with Mequite, Stilton & Poer Seasonal Edition, Kettle Poppins – American Cheese Maple Syrup and Sea Salt

·     Kettle Chips Yoghurt and Green Onion – contains calf whey powder/syrup


KP Foods Groups

·     halal - “Nutsters” Soury Crunchy Peanuts Ready Salted, Dry Roasted Peanuts, Dry Roasted Peanuts Salt & Vinegar flavour, McCoys Original Thick Crunchy Potato chips, Ready Salted, Spicy Tomato/Tomato Sauce Flavour, Worcester Sauce Flavour and Salt & Vinegar - Mcvities “Go Ahead” Oven Bake , Hula Hoops, Crisps, Frisps, Discos, Minichips, Roasted Peanuts Tabago Chilli Flavour, Salted Roasted Almonds


Procter & Gamble Limited

·     halal - Pringles – Barbecue, Cheez-Ums, Ridges Original, Salt & Vinegar, Sour Cream & Onion


Walkers Snack Foods Limited

·     halal – Cheese & Onion French Fries; Doritos Dippas; Prawn Cocktail and Salt & Vinegar – Quavers; Ready Salted and Salt & Vinegar – Chipsticks, French Fries; Smiths – Cheese & Onion Crisps, Ready Salted Crisps, Salt & Vinegar Crisps, Salt ‘n’ Shake; Walkers – Cheese & Chive Crisps, Prawn Cocktail Crisps, Ready Salted Crisps, Ready Salted Lites, Spring Onion Crisps, MAX Salt & Vinegar, MAX Original

·     these products contain rennet in the cheese flavouring – Cheese Quavers; Cheesy Monster Munch; Savoury Cheese Snaps; Spicy Tomato Snaps; Walkers - Cheese & Onion Crisps, Cheese & Onion Lites, Tomato Ketchup Crisps, MAX Hard Cheese & Onion

·   it is obvious that Doritos is not present in the halal section as it has been confirmed that all Doritos (except Doritos Dippas) contain animal substances




Chivers Hartley

·     halal – Cadbury Chocolate Spreads Smooth Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Banana


Ferrero UK Limited

·     Nutella Hazelnut Chocolate Spread – contains calf whey powder/syrup




Cadbury Limited

·     halal – Allora; Boost; bournville; California Dreaming; Creamy White Buttons; Dairy Mile – Normal, Miniatures, Quick, Wildlife; Double Fudge Dream; Flake; Freddo; Fruit & Nut; Hazelnut Heaven; Marble; Milk Chocolate Buttons; Orange Cream; Orange Milk Chocolate; Peppermint; Roses – Brazilnut Caramel, Caramel, Caramel Keg, Coconut, Coffee Flavour Crème, Fudge, Hazel In Caramel, Hazel Whirl, Milk Chocolate Miniature, Montelimar, Nutty Truffle Log, Noisette Whirl, Orange Crème, Plian chocolate Miniature, Strawberry Rose, Truffle Chunk; Shortcake Snack; Snack Sandwich chocolate; Starbar; Three Wishes; Time Out; Twirl; Wafer Snack; wholenut; Wispa – Gold, Mint, Normal; Yowie



·     halal – Blackcurrent + Liquorice; Brazil Nut Toffee; chocolate Caramels; Chocolate Eclairs; Chocolate Fudge; Chocolate Limes; Mint Assortment; Mint Humbugs; Orange Creams; Orange Lemon Slices; Peppermint Creams; Sparkling Mints; Vanilla Fudge; Harlows Mintoes


Ferrero UK Limited

·     halal – Kinder – Bueno, Chocolate, Surprise; Tic Tac – Fresh Mint, Lime/Orange, Orange

·     Ferrero Rocher Chocolates – contains calf whey powder/syrup


Fisherman’s Friend

·     halal – Aniseed, Lemon, Original, Original Noaodep Sugar Lozenges; Sugar Free Mints; Super Strongmint


Mars Confectionery UK Limited

·     halal – Bounty – Dark, Milk, Milk Twin and Funsize; Galaxy – Block, Caramel, Caramel Cracker, Caramel Eggs, Caramel Hearts, Caramel Tree Decoration, Fruit and Nut, Hazelnut, Ministicks, Minstrels, Ripple, Silk Eggs; Lockets : All Varieties; M&M; Maltesers; Mars; Milky Way Magic Star & Tree Decorations; Miniatures; Revels; Skittles; Snickers; Starburst; Starburst Joosters; topic; Tracker Chocolate Chip and Roast Nut; Tunes: All Varieties; Twix

·     these products contain calf whey powder/syrup – Bounty Milk Miniatures; Celebration; Funsize – Mars, Milky Way, Snickers; Standard Size and Twin – Galaxy Caramel Swirls and M&M’s Peanut, Milky Way Crispy Rolls, Milky Way; Twix Kingsize


Nestle UK Limited (Nestle Rowntree)

·     halal - After Eight Thin Mints; Black Magic – Chocolate Brazil, Lemon Dream, Orange Cream, Raspberry Roulade, Tablet, toffee & Mallow; Dairy Box – Chocolate Brazil, Hazelnut Caramel; Fox’s Glacier Fruits and Mints; Jellytots; Maverick; Milky Bar and Buttons; Mint Munchies; Polo Mint – Original, Strong, Spearmint, Sugar Free, Supermints; Quality Street – Fruits of the Forest, Orange Crème, Strawberry Crème, Toffee Penny, Smarties, Toffo – Assorted, Mint, Plain; Zploder Bar

·     these products contain calf whey powder/syrup – Aero – Milk chocolate, Orange, Peppermint; Animal Bar; Black Magic – Caramel, Hazel Cluster, Hazel in Caramel; Blue Ribband; Breakaway – Milk Camarac and Milk Chocolate; Caramac; Dairy Box – Almond Fayre, Autumn Hazelnut, Caramel Classic, Country Fudge, Nut Swirl, Strawberry Fool, Toffee Cup, Turkish Delight, Vanilla Truffle, Wafer Sandwich; Golden Cup; Kit Kat; Lion Bar; Matchmakers – Coconut, Mint, Orange; Milkybar White Chocolate Mini Eggs; Munchies; Quality Street – Caramel Cup, Coconut Éclair, Dairy Fudge, Fruit & Nut Delight, Hazelnut Éclair, Hazelnut in Caramel, Milk chocolate Hazelnut, Noisette Triangle, Toffee Deluxe, Toffee Fingers, Vanilla Octagon; Rolo Bar; Rolo; Smarties – orange only; Vice Versas; Walnut whip – Vanilla; White Chocolate After Eight Think Mint; Yorkie – Milk Chocolate, Nutter, Raisin & Biscuit#


Thorntons PLC

·     halal – Assorted Range; Choccie; Conti; Dark Chocolates; Diabetic Chocolates; Liquorice; Luxury Cream; Milk Chocolates; Mint Chocolates; MK Chocolate Range, Orange Bars; Peanut Brittle; Toffee Bags; White Chocolate; White Mint Bags; Jellies


Trebor Bassett Limited

·     halal – Barker & Dobson; Barratt; Bassett’s Fundays (except Rum and Butter Toffee); Butterkist & Pimms Popcorn; Jameson’s Chocolate Range; Pascall; Sharp; Trebor




Kraft Jacobs Suchard

·     halal – Dairylea Cheese Spreads; Kraft – Cheddarie, Cracker, Philadelphia, Processed Slices

·     Kraft Singles Cheese Food Slices contains calf rennet


New Zealand Milk (UK) Ltd

·     halal - Acorn Butter; Anchor Butter


St Ivel Limited

·     halal – Butter; Gold Range; Golden Churn; Supersoft Spread; Utterly Butterly; Vitalite; Cheese: Blue Stilton; Brie; Cheddar; Cheshire; Cotsdale; Double Gloucester; English Cheese; Farmhouse; Mature; Mild; Red Leicester; Scottish; Shape Cottage Cheese; Vegearian White Mild; Wexford; Dessert: Luxury Devonshire Trifles; Shape Rice Desserts




Birds Eye Wall’s Limited

·     halal – Blue Ribbon – Raspberry Ripple Slice, Vanilla, Neapolitan; Callipo; Carte D’Or; Catering Slice – Strawberry, Vanilla; Choc Bar – Blue Ribbon Milk Chocolate, Chunky, Chunky Dark, Blue Ribbon Dark, Light and Toffee, Golden Vanilla, Cadbury Dairy Milk; Cornetto – Mint Choc Chip, Chocolate (Winter Range), Choc & Nut, Strawberry; Cream of Cornish Vanilla; Dairy Cream Eclairs; Elite Tub – Strawberry, Vanilla; Feast – The Bar (UK); Gino Ginelli – Choc Chip, Double Choc Crunch, Mint Choc Chip, Toffee Fudge, Tutt Frutti; Joe Snow; Kick Off; Magnum – Cone, Dark Choc, Mint, Orange Choc, White Choc;  Max – Fruit Split Orange, Lemon Fruit Ice, Milk Ice, Mini Pot, Mint Cone; Mini – Eclairs, Juice Apple, Milk Choc, Strawbery, Vanilla, Viennetta Toffee and Vanilla; Orange Fruitie; Romantica – Cappuccino, Choc, Red Fruit, Vanilla Butterscotch, Winter; Soft Scoop – Blue Ribbon Vanilla, Choc, Mint, Strawberry, Toffee; Solero; Tangle; Too Good To Be True; Twinpack; Viennetta – all flavours; Wall’s Dairy; Wall’s Real Dairy Premium


Mars confectionery UK Limited

·     halal – Skittles Ice Cream, Starburst

·            Chocolate Covered Ice Cream contains calf whey powder/syrup


These companies usually label  their products with ‘Suitable For Vegetarian’ labels.




Burton’s Biscutis, Crawford’s, Fox’s Biscuits, Mcvitie’s (UK), Pennywise, Rumpler’s Confectionery, The Ryvita Company Limited


TINNED FOOD (eg soup, baked beans,…)


Baxters of Speyside Limited, H. J. Heinz Limited, Weigh Watchers (Heinz), Bestfoods UK Ltd, Campbell’s Grocery Products Ltd




Baxters of Speyside Limited, Bestfoods UK Ltd, Campbell’s Frozen Foods Ltd, H.J Heinz Limited, Nestle UK Limited, Patak (Spices) Limited, Weight Watchers (Heinz)




Jordan’s Cereals Limited

·     Country Crisp with Luxury Raisins, Raspberries or Strawberries contain calf whey powder/syrup


Kellogg Supply Service (Europe) Ltd

·     haram – Frosted Wheats (contains gelatine), Raisin Splitz (glycerin ingredient may be prepared from either vegetable or animal sources), Toppas, Kellogg’s Frosted Pop-Tarts (contains gelatine derived from pork or beef)

·     Coco Pops & Country Store – whey powder used is a by-product of the dairy industry, specifically cheesemaking.  Rennet is utilized in this process but is of microbial origin, NOT from calves or other sources

·     Fruit ‘n’ Fibre, Common Sense Oat Bran Flakes with Raisin and Apple and Golder Crsps – ingredients contain glycerated vine fruits and raisins but glycerin used for this purpose is synthetic and is NOT derived from animal sources


Quaker Oats Limited


Weetabix Limited

·     Alpen Crunch Alpen contains calf whey powder/syrup




Colgate-Palmolive Ltd

·     halal - Soft ‘n’ Gentle Antiperspirants, Palmolive Shave Foams and Gels, Colgate Toothpastes – all varieties


Avon Cosmetic Limited 

·     halal -After Shave Gel/Lotion, Aromatherapy Products; Bath Foam; Bath Oil; Body Sprays; Bronze Range; Bubble Baths;  California Range; Camille Albane Range; Casbah Cream; Clearskin Range; Country Harvest; Daily Revival Moisturiser; Face Masks; Floralique; Footworks; Gardenia Perfume; Liquid Cleanser; Man Plus Moisturiser and Cleanser; Moisture Rich Range; Nail Perfect Range; Naturals Range; Nurtura Range; Perle Noire Bath Oil and Deodrant; Pure Care; Techniques Hair Products; Tranquil Moments Range; Vip


Elida Faberge

·     halal - Pond’s Dry Skin Cream, Pond’s Moisturiser, Mentodent Toothpaste


Body Shop

·     these products contain ingredients which are by-products of the meat industry: Bath Beads – all varieties, Bath Bubbles – Cola, Forest Jelly, Ice Cream, Satsuma, Strawberry; Hawthorn Hand Cream; Shampoo – Mint & Thyme, Orange Oat, Seaweed & Peony; Tea Tree Oil Facial Wash




Smithkline Beecham

·     halal – Beechams 75 mg Aspirin Tablet; Beechams Hot Lemon; Diocalm Junior; Fynnos Salt; Germoloene: Cream/Wipes/Fotspray; Night Nurse Liquid; Oxy: Medicated Cream/ Cleanser/ Duopads/Facial Wash; Phensic Soluble; Veno: Expectorant/Cough Misture; Corsodyl: Gel/Spray/Mouthswash; Maclean Active Mouthguard; Aquafresh range – tube; Fenjal Classic Bath; Beechams hot Blackcurrant; Day Nurse Liquid; Enos Fruit Salts (regular); Flynnos Calcium Aspirin; Germoloids: Cream/Tissues; Maccleans Indigestion Tablets; Ralgex: Cream/Spray/Freeze; Spray Resolve

·            doubtful: these products may contain animal-derived materials – Ashton & Parsons Infant Powder; Beechams: Pills, Hot Lemon With Honey, Powder Capsules, Powder Tablets, Powders, Couchcaps; Contac 400; Day Nurse Capsules; Ellimans Embrocation; Germolene Ointment; Germoloids  - Suppositories, Ointment; Orovide 7 Sachets, Tablets; Oxy – 5 Lotion (advanced formula), Sensitive Facial Wash, 10 Cover-up; Phensic; Scotts Emulsion; Settlers; Veno Honey & Lemon; Yeastvite; Macleans – Sensitive Tube & Pump, Freshmit Pump, Mildmint Pump, Milk Teeth Tube & Pump, Frestmint Tube, Mildmint Tube; Aquafresh – Fresh ‘n’ Minty Pump, Mild ‘n’ Minty Pump; C-Vit Tablets; Diocalm & Diocalm Ultra, Eno Lemon & Orange; Iron Jelloids; Night Nurse Capsules; Phyllosan; Ralgex Stick; Sominex; Vykmin


For further and more detailed information, please refer to:

·     Muslim Food Guide of Halaal Products (publication)

1420/21 Hijrah (2000) 3rd Edition

·     The Institure of Islamic Jurisprudence of U.K.

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West Yorkshire WF17 6PJ

·     Al-Madina Publications

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Lajnah Kebajikan dan Kemasyarakatan

Zulkaedah 1420 / February 2000