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9-20-2000 (There's a link at the bottom to recent pages)
I have pondered what to do with this page. Finally, while lying in bed the other night, it came to me. What I need is a diary. I have always been thought to be an open book, but truthfully, none of us are. We all have frustrations that we bite our tongue and live with. We all have dreams and fantasies. So, as time permits, mine will be going onto this page instead of in a paper journal. Besides, I'm a good southern woman with nothing to hide. Right? Well, we will see. 'Til next time; Chris

Well, I finally made it back. I spent last week with my parents in WV. I sure do miss them. It is really hard to see them aging so quickly and to see their health fading. It just proves how human we all are. I guess we all felt there would never be anyone as strong as our Dad. Now, his little arms are smaller than mine. I am just greatful that he and Mom have a good relationship with our Creator.

I went back to work yesterday. I sure do earn a meager living, but if I have learned nothing else, I've learned that being happy with what you do and the people you work with means a lot more than money. THIS cuts down on confusion.

Well, I guess I'd best quit & jump on some laundry. Tommorrow is my day off work and I don't want to spend it doing chores. Maybe I'll get some time to "play" here tommorrow.

Well, I DID make it back today, although briefly...a day off work means a day of chores and running errands. A woman's work is never done. I had to take some paperwork to my lawyer today. I was in a wreck back in Feb. and went today and finally just had the Dr. to release me. Sure, I still have pain, but if I go ahead and get rid of the Dr.'s & lawyers who are capitolizing on my pain, I feel my healing will go more smoothly; at least I hope so. Anyway, that will be a couple of headaches I won't have to deal with. I think that process helps to keep muscles and nerves tight.
I guess I'd best get off here and cook some dinner now. Time is wasting! Back to work tommorrow. It's about time for something to give. All work & no play makes for a dull personal diary. Take care.

WOW! It's already Oct. 1st. This year has flown by! Oct. 4th is my Mom's birthday. I really wish I could be there. She has always been everything I wish I could one day be and don't have a prayer of ever becoming. She is soft, femanine, and of a very gentle spirit. She is the mother most people can only dream of. God really blessed me, my two sisters, and our brother. We always came home from school to a homecooked dinner.

Of course, many mothers now don't have options whether to work or stay home. Unfortunately, the BIG money people in this country have gotten so greedy that most working class families have to have 2 paychecks to survive. Downsize and cut wages is their stratagy to wealth. Never mind that children are being raised (and abused) in daycares all over this country. As long as the rich keep getting richer, pay less man-hours for twice the work, it doesn't matter if mom is too tired to help with homework. It doesn't matter that dad is home with ruptured discs from doing a two-man lifting job alone and isn't able to be at his son's first football game. Of course, mom can't be there either; she took a night job waiting tables so the kids wouldn't have to go on free lunch, since the thought of it embarrased them. Was slavery ended? Or did it just quit discriminating racially? I told you I have pet peeves. This is one of them. I was fortunate enough to get to stay at home and raise my own son through his tender years. I hope that my grandchildren will be lucky enough to have a stay-at-home parent. I think this is one of the worst problems in the schools, and that it WILL get worse. Our government tries to blame the parents, but the parents have been backed into a corner. Let's face it; in order to feed and clothe our children, we must neglect them. But it WILL change when these latchkey and day-care children become the adults. Who will be the "worker bees" then carrying the honey back to corperate America? God bless America.

Today has been a VERY exciting day for me. My husband came to my workplace today to take me to lunch. He gave me a wonderful surprize. As you know, I work in auto parts, a dirty business, so I don't dress up very often. But today, he made me feel VERY femanine. He gave me the most beautiful diamond ring I have ever seen in my life! I am 38 years old and the only diamonds I have ever owned are a small pair of earrings. This thing is beautiful! When he gave it to me, I couldn't hold back the tears. VERY happy tears. Well, I guess I'd best quit for now. 'Til next time; CHRIS

This weekend is Fall Festival in our town. I will be working all weekend, but I don't mind a bit. The parade was tonight. My friend & I were both working and our boss, who had been off since 5:PM came in and said "I'll stay in here. You girls go out and watch the parade." Now I ask you, don't I have the best boss ever?

My husband has been in the kitchen making fried apple pies while I checked my email. I guess I'd best get off here and go help him eat them. Gotta do my part. Right? Hope to be back soon. Maybe one day I'll get time to get serious.

Hi there! It sure has been a long time. My computer has been down. It is back up and running. Now I wish I were.

As for me, I have pneumonia and won't be on this thing long. Isn't that a kicker? This has been the most eventful year of my life. I really look forward to 2001.
Well, gotta go for now - exhausted. But give me a week and I'll be my old full of life (and whatever) self.

I DO thank God for "The Computer Lady". This thing is better than it has ever been. The guy I bought it from said it would only handle Windows95. She put 98 on it, doubled it's speed, and fixed the file system so that even I understand it. She's a blessing to me.
Y'all take care now! Chris

I really am feeling stronger every day. I simply can't believe this year. I think I've missed more work this year than all my years combined! I am glad I work for a Co. familiar with my work history. I'm really having a hard time believing all this myself! The 1st part of Feb., I had a light heart attack that landed me in the hospital. My 2nd day back to work from that, a guy ran a redlight and wiped me out....knocked a vertebrae out in my neck & a disc out in my back. Then, in May, my husband, who is in construction, was in an accident at work which ruptured 2 discs in his neck. He is still out from that surgery and now I am out with this pneumonia. I will go back to work Tues. if all goes well. I KNOW if this thing called life were Nascar, I would have surely earned the Goody's Headache Award this year. I consistantly try to remain posative, but must admit that I have somewhat grown to fear what may happen next. I can only hope I have had enough of the bad and now, I am due some good fortune.

On the work front, one of my co-workers stopped off yesterday & brought a bonus check for me! THAT was good timing. Our employer awarded us for good customer service, via mystery shopper. That is why I like this company. This is the only place I have ever worked that really DOES put the customer first. That has always been my philosophy and it is nice to finally work for a company that realizes where ALL our money comes from.

WOW! Lot's of chit-chat this time. FEELING BETTER! And by the way: someone drop me an email & let me know if anyone is actually reading this stuff or if it is just a good outlet for me. CHRIS

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