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"Our Breeders Have over 50 years combined experience in breeding "American Bobtails"

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The American Bobtail with above average intelligence was developed by nature to survive feral environments. It is a medium-to-large, naturally occurring, bobtailed cat; a noticeably athletic animal, well muscled, with the appearance of power. The body is moderately long and substantial, with a noticeable rectangular stance. The tail should be clearly visible above the back when the cat is alert and is not to exceed the hock in length. The optimum tail is articulate and nearly straight with the slightest of curves. The American Bobtail cat possesses a strong, broad modified wedge-shaped head, with a distinctive brow above large almost almond shaped eyes giving it a natural hunting gaze. The expression is one of intelligence and alertness.


Ear furnishings and Lynx ear tipping are highly desirable features in this breed. Its unique coat comes in both a medium, semi-dense shorthair and a medium-length longhair that is resilient and resistant to water. The topcoat is hard with a downy undercoat that insulates the cat from weather extremes. When in motion, it should exhibit a natural rolling gate giving the cat with all of its combined physical characteristics the resemblance of a bobtailed wildcat. This is a slow maturing breed taking up to two to three years to reach full adult type. The American Bobtail is noted for its wild appearance, with an exceptional disposition and adaptability.

American Bobtails are a loving, kind and incredibly intelligent cats. They are noted for their dog like personalities and their devotion to their owners. They easily adapt to a busy or quiet environment.
American Bobtails bond with their family, like Golden Retriever dogs, which they resemble in personality and devotion. They get along well with most dogs and have a welcome spot in their hearts for newcomers, whether they are two-legged or four-legged. Long haul truck drivers have purchased them as cabin companions because they are known to be good travelers if introduced to it at a young age. Psychotherapists have also used them in their treatment programs because they have been found to be very well-behaved and sensitive to people in distress.


The American Bobtail gene is a dominant gene. A cat must be a natural short-tailed cat to produce short tailed kittens. In addition to short-tailed kittens, it is not unusual for fully-tailed kittens to be born in a litter. Unlike the Manx, however they rarely produces a kitten born with no tail at all, known as a rumpy. In this breed no two tails are exactly the same. The average length of the tail is one to four inches, however this is an average, and some tails may be shorter or longer.