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Welcome toAussie's Downunder

G'Day, & Welcome....
Come kick back and relax
while chatting with some of
the nicest people, and some
great owners and wizards
in palace visual chat!

Experiance voice chat
with some of your closest
friends. We also have a
BDSM area, some unique,
great avatars, made by some of
the finest prop makers on
palace, and an Adult Alley
for some great fun!

I am assuming you already have
the palace software, if so...
just click on this "access" link below,
Come join us at our wonderful
Aussie home!

If you don't have the software,
click on the party hall picture
below to start downloading
the user software for windows

Then come and enjoy
 great rooms, and
friendly atmosphere, and some
really rocking parties!
 We gaurantee your visit to be
a pleasurable one here at ADU!!

I Will be making a list of
 upcoming events on
this website, so please
check back often!!!


ADU palace events ICQ # - 78177539
Add us to your ICQ list and recieve all of
the latest party events in plenty of time to
join us! I will also be listing them on this
website!! Please check back often, as the
party listings will be changing on a
regular basis!

We have a few games that may catch your eye, including.....Yahtzee,Kiss the wiz, spin the bottle, and the naughty slot machine! Some games are scheduled for tournaments,and some are just whenever we get in the mood!

For those of you that want to keep in touch with the latest party events and gossip at ADU, that you don't get on our ADU ICQ, then you should join our mailing membership!!

Click here for your ADU membership now!

Owned & operated by **Bronco & **Suede


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**Here are a few links to some great sites!**

Hotbot is a great search engine, you can find anything from
mp3's, wallpaper/screensavers for your computer,
and just about anything else you want to find!
Just click on the "hotbot" logo to take you to the
search engine!


Get any or all of your downloads from
this site! Read up on the latest news
of the cyber world! Go to software
library to get just about any kind
of download for your PC!


Download some of the latest music
on A great place to find
 the music that you want!

The palace visual chat home page!
You can get to the directory through this
site, get your color palettes for
making avs, or anything else you might
need for palace!

Come visit the ADU staff!!

As you can see, were missing a few.....but they will soon accompany this page as well as the others, check back to read a little bit about the ADU staff. Never know what they might have to say! *G*







*Now hiring for wiz staff positions. Preferably with experience, but if  not, training
will be provided. Please contact Bronco, Suede, or Z to apply.*


**This page is still under construction
Check back soon for the updates!!**


Page Designed by S.D.




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