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El-Ameeru Ibrahim Faamuladheyri Kilagefaanu

Father:- Sultan Muhammad Ghiyaasuddin son of Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar son of Sultan Muzaffar Muhammad Imaaduddin of Diyamigili Dynasty.

Spouse-1:- Kudairani Edhuruge' Maryam Manikfaan of Fuvah Mulah.

Children:- (1.1) Edhuruge' Aishath Didi (Dhoshee Didi), (1.2) Edhuruge' Moosa Didi, (1.3) Edhuruge' Hawwa Didi

Spouse-2:- Validhadu Aminath Manikfaan of Fuvah Mulah.

Children:- (2.1) Karayye Muhammad Didi, (2.2) Karayye Hassan Didi (Bodu Hassan Didi), (2.3) Karayye Ahmad Didi, (2.4) Karayye Khadheeja Didi, (2.5) Karayye Fathimath Didi (Dhon Didi)

Spouse-3:- Huniboliye Sanfaa Manikfaan of Fuvah Mulah

Children:- (3.1) Huniboliye Ali Didi, (3.2) Huniboliye Husain Didi

Spouse-4:- Fathimath Manikfaan daughter of Bahaboakaleyge Ahmad Kaleyge of Fuvah Mulah

Children:- (4.1) Dhoon'digamu Maryam Didi, (4.2) Dhoon'digamu Ismail Didi

Spouse-5:- Vinaaveyre Aminath Manikfaan of Fuvah Mulah

Children:- (5.1) Abdullah Didi (Huravediye Didi)

Spouse-6:- Aminath manikfaan daughter of Malga'di Thakhkhaan of Fuvah mulah

Children:- No Child

Spouse-7:- Miskihmagi Edhuruge' Maryam Mankfaan of fuvah Mulah

Children:- (7.1) Berimagu Aminath Didi (Berimagu Didi)

Spouse-8:- A lady from Himithi in Faafu Atoll

Children:- (8.1) Himithee Sanfaa Didi, (8.2) Himithee Thuththu Didi, (8.3) Himithee Ibrahim Didi

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Meedhoo Ancestry (1)
Qazi Ibrahim Majduddin
Karayye Hassan Didi
Faamuladheyri Kilagefaanu
Hithadhoo Thubbeege
Ban'deyri Hassan Manikfaan
Hithadhoo Elhe Didi

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