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Term's of Usage
This page is best viewed with "Comic Sans MS" font

Everything you will find here is 100% Mouse Drawn.
Meaning that I do not scan and redraw graphics or copy in anyway other artists work.
I draw these graphics using my mouse in PSP 7.1 and MS Paint and a LOT of imagination.

I dont have too many rules to follow....
My terms are presented on an honor system, and these graphics are for anyone's use as long as these terms are followed completely.

All Commercial site's wanting to use my graphics, please send an e-mail to me first!

In order to use the graphics, You must send me an e-mail containing your website address (URL)
I will visit your site to make sure you are using the graphics properly....

You must not place any of my work on a web site that contains tasteless material, (pornograhic content of any kind will be considered a violation of these terms and your privileges will be revoked).

In return for allowing you to use my work, I ask that you provide a logo or a text link back to this site to show the proper credit to the original artist who created these graphics. It is Very important that you make sure a logo or text link is on the same page that you used my graphics.

Graphics allowed to be altered or used in any way other than for use of decoration on a web site will be noted as such.

Any special needs for any graphics, or requests for special items, or questions in general should be e-mailed to me with out hesitation! I am always eager to help out my visitor's and I will try my best to respond with in 24 hours if at all possible.

and Finally, These Graphics are not Public Domain, therefore the use of them is a privilege and should be treated as such with proper respect.

I do however retain a copyright to all graphics on this web site, and I reserve the right to revoke your priviliages at any given point if you are found to be using our graphics in an unfit manor that is not compliable
with these terms of usage.

I hope you will enjoy what I have to offer, it takes countless hours to design some of these graphics for you and these rules are only here to protect us who are the creators, so that I can continue to provide quality graphics for your web site use.

Thank you for taking the time to read these terms of usage,
Please choose a path below.

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