Fruit Bearing Tree's & Non Fruit Bearing Tree's

All of these photo's are recent. I hope to share their progress as we go. I will also try to take photo's of the pruning's as we do them, so that you can see how we did it. Although I DO NOT recommend pruning your own trees unless you are sure you know how. We have waited for almost three years to prun these because we were not sure of how to do it with out cause the trees damage. During this time my husband has been spend time and trading sicerits with a friend who is currently teaching him the correct procedures. However, this is our first run sorta speak; so with that said I will let you know how everything turns out after the pruning is over.

Fruit Bearing Plum Tree

This is my one and only plum tree at the moment. This tree is about 3 years old and sports a full and beautiful coat of greenary. This fall will be it's first pruning and it should start to bare fruit by next yaer. This a self pollinating fruit tree; However, I do intend to plant more.

Fig Tree or Bush

With this little beauty it is hard to tell if it is a tree or bush. When I bought it , the discription said tree; However every winter it dies off and has to start all over agian. I must admit I Know near to nothing about Fig's other than fresh figs are about the best. This (bush)fig is about 3 years old. This bush produced last year for the first time , although I did not get to taste it's fruit; it seems the birds or raccoons also love figs and beat me to them.The fruit from this plant is by no means small and danty, it produces a good size morsal. I must say the quality is very good , but the quanity is not as a bundant as I would have thought. I may try cuting them back this year, sence they do come back by the roots and see if they improve next year.

Wild Flowering Cherry

This is a very pretty tree when it blooms. This tree however was adolpted, it is starting to leaf although you can't see the leaves in this picture (cheap digital camera) . I was wondering when we brought this tree home , even though it will never fruit if it could serve as a pollinator. Not that it really matters because it will make a great shade tree for the back yard..