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Ok, I have to start posting up these crazy e-mails I am getting. Like I say, I love getting e-mail about my site, I really do. This section of the site is from people that have e-mailed me about corpsewood. One of the reasons I want to post some of these e-mails, is some of them are really interesting.I thought site visitors would enjoy reading what some of these people have to say. I have never told anyone "I know I am 100% accurate on what happened". I only have said, I got the pictures, and the story from the book "Murder at Corpsewood." I have also stressed, I am on neither side, I'm just a girl documenting something that happened over 20 years ago. I don't see why I get such hostility from some people.

1) What I hate
2)From the same person
3)The black and white photos
4) What tha??????
5)A cool e-mail, and my thanks
6)E-mails that kill me,and you
7)Sometimes e-mail can be scary for a minute
8)This person never e-mailed me back
9)Pretty cool E-mail
10)Another cool one for me
11) What is this womans problem?
12)A thank you e-mail
13) About my site and request for directions
14) A surprised photographer
15) About Odems Ashes
16) A trade out
17) Another one lost
18) Gee... Thanks A bunch!
19) The mastiffs
20) Once again, I'm the bad person
21) Mis-deirected anger
22)Keeping the memories alive
23) I'm full of shit...
24) About the rude e-mail
25) From a web designer
26)Witness X
27)My letter to the Administration of Satan about Scudder being a member.
28 New Emails
29 Lost for hours
30 Paranormal Investigator
31 Interesting & Interested researcher
32 Strange Trip
33 Medium
34 Release Tha spirits!
35 Everyones Always Lost
36 Who Am I?
37 Brave & Stupid thank ya
38 Be Proud
39 Directing Does Suck
41 Long Ago Neighbors
42 Researcher In Training
43 Same Researcher (#42)

as for the people that e-mailed me, you know who you are, thanks no matter what the e-mail. And no, I didn't post any of your names, just cause I don't want to go through 50 more e-mails saying "Why did you post my e-mail?". So this is easy for you and me,thanks for enjoying (or not) my site.

What I H~A~T~E~ !!!

You have several details wrong . I know Tony West and I know alot about what happened. You have the story messed up. This story is not to glorify. Thesekillers were terriblemen. Tony West is responsible for the deaths of four people one was a little baby, he killed when he was thirteen years old. If you tell the story make sure you tell the truth and lay the blame on the right people. Tony West is a black mark on the family and should be left where he is now.

From the same person

You dont have the story right several details are wrong. I am a member of Tony West's family. I dont think people should think of this place as a cool place to go. It is a sad place where men lost their lives trying to live their own way.I may not agree with their lifestyle but they didnt deserve to die. West also killed a man in Mississippi while he was on the run. He will always be remembered for what he did at Corpsewood, but only his family will know how he hurt his mother , sisters, and his nephew who had to witness the murders. He will not and should not ever get out of prison. In the end Tony and Avery still have hell to look forward to. Tony's mother went to her grave wondering what she could have done to make him turn out differently. Iguess she still thougt of him as her son. thanks

I ummm... all my black and white photos are from this book.

I also thought you'd like to know that if you go to the Chattooga County library (behind Wal-Mart) they have a book dedicated to the murders. Its called "Murder At Corpsewood, The Saga of Chattooga County's 'Devil-Worshiper Slayings'." Its not on the shelves; you have to ask the librarians for it and you have to give them your driver's license for them to even let you look at it. I noticed too that you kept calling it "corpse woods" on you site, but its really Corpsewood-one word. That's the name of the manor.

??????????? o_O I...don't...know?

What's the connection in Corpsewood Manor and the name Causey? T

Thank you, this is like my example of a perfect e-mail.

Hi, I just visited your website and had to e-mail you. I have been looking for a website dealing with Corpsewood for years and yours is the only one I've seen. I'm curious where you got the old b/w pictures. Years ago I had a book that was published by the Summerville Times about the murders and the trial. I think I saw those pics in that book, am I right? Do you have any idea where I could get a copy of the book now? By the way, I went to the manor ONCE shortly after the fire. I was with two friends, one of whom was a native of the area and had actually been to the house when Scudder and Odom were alive. He had gone there to buy wine from them. Anyway, we went in broad daylight and as we entered what was left of the house I got a very strange feeling. Like it was the most peaceful place on earth. I know, it's strange but I felt like I belonged there. We walked to what was once the staircase in the middle of the house, I heard it was a huge rock that was on the property when the men moved there and they cut steps out of them and built the house around the steps. When we were there the roof was no longer on the house so you could see the property from the top step. Anyway, My friend Randy (the one who was there before) went up the steps first, then Curtis, then myself. We were talking as we walked up and just then, someone said "Did ya'll know these people?" We almost shit ourselves! we turned and there was this guy, older and kinda ragged looking. I said NO and he said "I did" I turned to look at Randy and Curtis and when I looked back the guy was gone! Randy and Curtis said he vanished in thin air. Needless to say, we got the hell out of there and have never been back. Well, thanks for doing your website. I have always been fascinated by that place and I'm glad someone did a site about it. Please let me know if you can help me with the book or maybe send me bigger copies of the pics on your site. Until next time, I am, Never going there again

Ok, I love knowing info, to post up somewhere on my site.It kills me when I get an e-mail like this, EVERYONE should know...

i have inside info on thi matter but in order for me too tell you anything on this you have got promise me not too print anything on your web site. thank you

People, don't scare me like this.

I also have a question for you if you wish not to answer I understand. Do you have a brother named Daniel? If you are his sister he can bring you to my house and we can talk face to face.

This person never e-mailed back...

I know where the gold harp is. Do you? I also know lots of people who knew them personaly. They never would have hurt anybody. What happend to them was sick. You should talk to the people I know.

Prett Cool E-mail

I think I just accidentally sent you an empty e-mail...sorry if I did. Anyway, I'll make this to-the-point and as short as possible. Let me first say that I am extremely impressed with your Web site. My name is @@@@ and for a couple of years now, I have been completely fascinated with Corpsewood. The only problem is that I have never been there before. Let me back up a little bit. I am a member of an amateur ghost hunting group. We call ourselves C.O.D. (Circle of Dartmoor). I want you to inderstand that we aren't a bunch of morons running around in cemeteries. All of us are current (or former) college students and we take what we do VERY seriously. We have a set of equipment including cameras (both 35mm and digital), motion detectors that can see the electromagnetic spectrum and a laser-point thermal-scan (thermometer with a "laser sight" that can accurately detect temperature variances from hundreds of feet away). Anyway, the goal of our group is to the undeniable presence of spirit activity. While we have found evidence, it can still be denied by some people, although we have found no logical explanation behind it. C.O.D. has been on a hiatus for about two years now, but the members (myself included) have been talking recently and we are seriously considering getting back together. When we break out onto the scene again, we want it to be a Corpsewood. We had talked about Corpsewood on many occasions when we were actively hunting. It was our "holy grail" so to speak. We would love to get a hunt together for the end of October this year. We don't want to do one on Halloween, really, because we don't want people getting in our way. (We find that we have the best results in a group of four to six people). What I want to ask you is if you would be willing to come along with us? We would really like to have someone with us who has been there as much as you and is as well-versed in the history of the manor. I would appreciate it if you would at least give serious consideration to this request. If not, then is there anyone you know of who would be able to help us out? At your request, I will provide you with some evidence of our previous hunts. Unfortunately our evidence is severely limited, because our record keeper left the group some time ago and destroyed many of our pictures and videotapes. I still have what you might consider our greatest piece of evidence. A minidisc recording of a disembodied scream. Once again I must say how impressive your Web site is. I have looked, and looked and vot found any site that has one iota of the information you have. I apologize for the long e-mail. Thanks for your consideration. .

Another Thanks. Like I said, I love e-mails like this one

I live in Menlo, GA, not far from Devil Worshiper's Mountain. I just thought I'd write and tell you that you have a great web page on the Corpsewoods murders. I just came across it a few minutes ago. It has to be the most informative site that I've seen so far on the subject.

Do people realize how much time I have spent on this site? Did I ever say I have done an interview with Tony West or Avery Brock? Why hell no. I said, I could, they are not very hard to find.

I do not believe that Dr. Chas. Sudders was a homosexual, he was married and had a family and Odem worked for him. Also I don't think that you have interview Tony West or Avery Brock. Tony and Avery had killed before. If I was Dr. Sudders FAMILY I would bring a LAWSUIT against you.for slander. I really don't expect you to answer this email.

Administration (Church of Satan)
Date: Wed, 14 May 2003 09:11:52 -0400
Subject: Re: Dr. Scudder
From: "Administration"
To: "Rachel May"
On 5/14/03 12:03 AM, "Rachel May" wrote:

Hi. I was wondering if there is any information on Dr. Charles Scudder. It is said that the place he was murdered at is haunted. I also heared from a very reliable source that Antone Levay was invited to Scudders manor in the late 70's. And that he peformed a ritual on the grounds.

(Here is administrations response) That is an urban legend, or just a flat-out fabrication. Anton LaVey had nothing whatsoever to do with this Scudder, nor did he visit this place. That’s the truth.

A thank you e-mail
I want to thank you for the information provided in you're web site on this issue, but I have a few questions about the story and happenings while you were there, please send me an e-mail in reference to these questions if you are interested in talking further about it. Thank you.


About my site and request for directions.
We think that you have a great website on the corpsewood murders and it helped answer alot of the questions we had about it! We were just wondering where exactly Corpsewood is? A simple address would be nice or if not then just some kind of street name on how to get there! We live in LaFayette, Ga and it would be great help if you could tell us! Thank you very much!

A surprised photographer
Hi! My name is Karen. Several years ago i became very interested in the story of Corpsewood Manor. I have done several phots shoots there and have gotten some very surprising photos from the shoots. I would like to chat with you about the place and the story. I have no idea why i became so involved with this story but it is such a sad and haunting one. Please email and let me know if you would like to share some about this. Thanks

About Odems Ashes
I loved your site. I saw within your site that you stated that you did not know where the ashes of Odom were scattered. Through my research i met a man named Bud McConnel who was at Corpsewood through all and says they were scattered within the rose garden. The rose garden was located (if your facing the gazebo) to the left hand side. The pictures i took within the gazebo when there last contained the images that i found so fascinating. I wanted you to know what you said about not being able to get away from this story and place is EXACTLY how i feel. It haunts me.

A Trade Out
I have an interest in information concerning the corpsewood manor murders. I have a load of information of my own that I might be willing to trade out. interested?

Another one lost
sorry to bother you for like the millionth time it seems.... wondering about directions to cw. went up there, turn by the BP onto Mountainview, went a ways, not sure where else to go. i lost the directions you gave me b4. we turned onto a couple of places, walked a bit but not sure where we should have been walking or approx. how far..... i would greatly appreciate your help! thanx!

Gee ... Thanks a bunch!

I ran across the thread on regarding Corpsewood last night. It was very entertaining! I wrote a reply, but the moderator on that site squelched it. Rachel, I agree with everything that Grrlie and William said...and in my own opinion, your site is terrible. Not only is the red text on black background hard on the eyes, but your spelling and grammar usage are atrocious! By the way, you are NOT a webmaster. *I* am a webmaster - I do it for a living - so my opinion holds some weight. How old are you anyway??? Grow up...go to school and pay attention in your Language Arts class and GET A LIFE! I'll be looking for AngelKitty's website and hoping it will better than yours

The Mastiffs
I agree,,, When I was younger we visited the good DR and took some pictures of his house him there dogs his things in his house . I still have them. and I fell for the two gentlemen who meet there demise in that awful way. Matter of fact I enjoyed my visit so much (especially the dogs ) I always wanted a mastiff ,and finally did get one . I really liked the too. I am so glad to had found your site ,one that shows the respect they deserve P.S my moms family are from around there

Once again, I'm the bad person

Excuse me! Just Who the hell you think you are? I am @@@, @@@@@'s wife. I don't appreciate you sending your shenanigans or bullshit back on my computer. My husband was not disputing your word, however, he was just saying that a few of the names are in the wrong place here and there. Tony is my husbands 1st cousin and Tony's poor mother went trough hell because of that shit. Not to mention the humiliation the family went through as well. The people that were with Tony the night of the murders was made by him to carry out the deed to keep themselves alive. Just if you are interested, we could give you all the facts you need to make a good story. But don't send no more bullshit messages back in the mean time Thank You

Mis-directed anger

I was'nt directing any anger at you in my E-mails. I am not on anyones side in this story.I think it should be told. I wasnt there when it happened , but I do know what happened. I was twelve years old the day it happened and the last twenty years I have heard all the rumors. The book was taken from court records and police files only months after their trials were over. The details I was referring to were Tony West pulled the Knife from his boot in the pink room that night,and he shot Dr. Scudder with the pistol he found in the desk drawer. They didnt get away with any money, so they took a silver candlestick holder and other items and loaded them up into the black jeep and followed Joey and Teresa back to Joey's mother's house. They told them not to tell the police untill they had time to get away. Joey wouldnt let Teresa leave for a day or two.He went to the store with his mom and he told her what he had seen. She told him he would have tell the sherrif what he had seen. Teresa called her parents from Joey's mother's house and they came and picked her up and took her home. The sherrif came to their house and took her statement. A friend of Dr. Scudders found the bodies a day later and called the police. The police knew about the murders but didnt have any suspects untill they talked to Joey and Teresa.I havent seen Joey but one time since this happened , no one ever asks him about it any more. Tony west didnt die in prison he is in Smith State Prison right now. Check Georgia Department of Corrections offender inquiry page to see his picture. If you spoke to Avery Broch Im sure he would blame Tony .Tony would blame the wine he was drinking that nigth. He said it was laced with LSD because some vials were found in the desk drawer. Tony was in trouble with the law ever since he was thirteen. He shot his sisters little boy while she was feeding him in his high chair. His name was Horace Lee Haygood he wasnt quit two at the time. This story is in the book but not in detail. Tony said it was an accident. He was sent off to a mental institute untill he was eighteen. He just stayed in trouble after that. I know Avery had a relationship with Dr. Scudder. Tony was their guest a few times as well. The man in Mississippi Tony killed was a Naval officer on his way home for Christmas. He was parked next to them in a rest area when they woke up. They stole his car and Tony shot him. I dont take sides but I think people should know the truth. I will not make a web site because I dont want people to think anyone in the family is trying to make a profit on this terrible story, but I think twenty years of rumors need to cleared up I'll answer any questions I can for you .My wife's e-mail was sent to explain my purpose for responding to your web site. She knows all the stories and kows how I fell about this. Thank you

Keeping the memories alive

keep up the good work at least you are keeping their memories alive and letting people know that the died for the kindness and hospitality they didn't deserve to die and who's place is it for anyone to judge them they lived their life as the wanted to and stupid people took their life not for money or riches but because they we're cold hearted son-of-bitches may they forever be haunted by the people the killed and i hope if any of their family reads this they will thank you for keeping their memory a good one and for the family of the murders don't defend them love them yes cause they are family but admit they we're wrong for what they did. sincerly @@@@@@@@@@@@@ if i hurt anyone's feeling oh well deal with it you tell them how it is baby girl love

I'm full of shit...

You are full of shit. You read a book, because you know damn well that you werent old enough to understand what was going on. The fact that you are probably from summerville or one of the surrounding towns gives you an excuse for being blind to facts. Im gonna be kind enough to let you in on a little secret called LSD. If you dont believe me, I dont give a shit.

About the rude e-mail

HI, my boyfriend wrote you a pretty rude email.... I am sorry, he used my computer and it showed that i wrote it. He wrote the letter saying something about lsd. Oh by the way my grandfather was in the f.b.i. (he is dead), but i asked his friend about corpsewood, he said he remembered it because him and my grandfather worked on the case together..... that it was nothing like you said..... the doctor wasnt gay, but he would rape and moleste children and lock them into little brick rooms, he also made the kids take acid (thats why my boyfriend mentioned acid in his email), and one night one of the kids went crazy after being forced to take acid and being locked in a tiny room, when the doctors assistent went to let him out he knocked out him out, cutting him up into several pieces, and than the boy left.... than a day or so later thats where avery brock and tony west came into the picture... and they killed the doctor......... later they asked the boy about it, he told them everything........ the boy is still alive, he is one of the craziest people in walker county, my mom went to school with him and he used to carry a bible he made, but with him as god... he even thought he could get people to follow him... he supplies most the drugs in this area even in trion or summerville or where-ever you are from.

From a web designer

Hey My Name is @@@. I think That U have a Very Interesting Site Going. I am a Web Designer my self and I That U have Done a very Good Job of Putting ut together. 1 Thing Though U should Have some of the pictured Enlarged but other than that I think that U have a Well done page. feel free to E-Mail me back. I have been to CW and Seen everything that U have described. Holla at Ya AKA The "cookieBaker" Don't get any ideas about hat Nick Name. WORD 2 THE WISE ((DON'T TAKE ANYTHIGN OFF THAT MOUNTAIN)) U WILL REGRET IT (((( I DID )))) I put it back though """After I can a car wreck""" 3 in a row really PS Feel Free to post this of your site I think People Should appreciate The Time You have invested in this site and shareing it with the world PPS I think That I know A person in your picture with the 3 people with the back of there heads. Nikki. I think I know that Head LoL

Witness X

Hi; FLOSSY MAY ; I use to live in Summerville and use to go to CORPESWOOD all the time I use to know an old girl who was a witness at the trial. She said that she use to go up there and get high with Scudder & Odom she said they were really nice considerate people who only wanted to be left alone actually thats why they moved up there to start with.Any way they called her witness X when the paper would talk about the trial. I still have the old original book MURDER AT CORPESWOOD!!!!!!.Its really an interesting old book.I havent thought about that place in a long time.I can remember when we use to go up there and just look around, I remember there use to be old rubber car floor mats all over the bottom of the little swimming pond. X always said they put them there to keep from slipping. And the gargoyle that was there she said they had it there to ward off evil spirits. Of course i always felt a little weird when we went up there myself!!!!!!!!!!. GOD that was a long time ago; but I remember I was so facinated with the whole thing! I remember X always saying that the people who murdered them were the evil ones. By the way X was my next door neighbor when I lived in Cloudland; I use to sit for hours and listen to her talk about it. I;ll be glad to give you her name I dont know where she lives now and I;ve been moved away for a long time but I lived in Summerville and Cloudland for about 25 years so I can remember a lot of things that went on back in those days.I remember digging up a black rose plant and planting it in my yard well I was renting a trailor in S ummerville from a woman over behind the wal mart it seems like her name was Kirby or something there use to be a bunch of old trailors down that road that goes by the waal mart it was the very last one on the end a little green one in the very back. Anyway she came to get the rent one day she asked me where i got such a beautiful rose plant and I told her i dug it up up on devils mountain at courpswood she had a fit she told me to get rid of it that it was bad luck so i pulled it up and threw it away but it kept coming back it kind of spooked me a little but it really was a wonder to look at!!! anyway the old girls name was Tracy Bell and later she married Dennis Ledford. AT the time we all lived in Cloudland she was a good size girl pretty heavy and really tall she had an eye that looked funny it would look one way while the other one looked at you. She was a pretty good old girl!. well gotta go talk later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Emails

love your site‏ From: ********** Sent: Fri 1/25/08 1:05 AM To: i remember cusin is ms mom was living with her mom and dad.......Treasa wrote me a depositionon her incounters there......she then took me to the manor and showed me around.......


From: ********** Sent: Fri 2/01/08 9:35 PM To: Hi my name is ****** and me and a group of my friends found out about corpse woods and decided to go as well. We however did not have the luck in finding it that you did. We are from chattanooga tennessee and this was back in october of last year. I believe we were on the right road because we drove for forever down a bumpy curvy creepy dirt/gravel road. We eventuall reached one of those metal bar gates wildlife reserves use. we thought we were goin the right way and ended up hiking twenty or thirty miles/ALL night long meaning i was day when we made it back. We aren't stupid just stubborn and got very very lost. But anyway I was wondering if you could tell me how to get to corpse woods, hopefully startin form summerville or some place like that. It's been months and none of us even remember how to get to the dirt road, let alone corpse woods. Any help you could give would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Sent: Fri 2/01/08 9:35 PM To: Hi my name is ****** and me and a group of my friends found out about corpse woods and decided to go as well. We however did not have the luck in finding it that you did. We are from chattanooga tennessee and this was back in october of last year. I believe we were on the right road because we drove for forever down a bumpy curvy creepy dirt/gravel road. We eventuall reached one of those metal bar gates wildlife reserves use. we thought we were goin the right way and ended up hiking twenty or thirty miles/ALL night long meaning i was day when we made it back. We aren't stupid just stubborn and got very very lost. But anyway I was wondering if you could tell me how to get to corpse woods, hopefully startin form summerville or some place like that. It's been months and none of us even remember how to get to the dirt road, let alone corpse woods. Any help you could give would be much appreciated. Thanks. *******

From: **********

Sent: Thu 3/06/08 3:54 PM To: Hi Rachel: My name is ********* and I am paranormal investigator as well as a professional researcher from the Louisville, KY area. Your site was brought to my attention by a friend of mine and it has certainly peaked my interest. First, let me say, that over the past several days I have been heavily attempting to see what general information is out there about this case. There is virtually nothing. I am very impressed with you and your site, considering the lack of easily forthcoming information and the negative comments you have unfortunately received. I applaud you for your effort and for attempting to get good information out there concerning this place and the surrounding events. I don't think people realize the time and expense that can go into these endeavors. Secondly, as I said above, the information I have read from your site has peaked my interest. So much so, that in fact myself and an associate are making the trip to Georgia early next week to begin our own serious reserach into this case. Would you be interested in perhaps meeing us and discussing this place in detail? We would also be interested in visiting the location if you would be so kind as to give us some specific directions. (Don;t want to get lost on a mountain, lol.) Anyway, thank you in advance for any help and information. Sincerely, ********** Researcher Louisville, KY

From: **********

Sent: Thu 3/06/08 10:18 PM To: Hello "Flossey May" my name is************* and I am an occult and paranormal researcher. I'm very curious about you and your site, and i'm glad i have stumbled upon it. It suprised me honestly to stumble upon this site and to see that it was made by i'm guessing another young person such as myself. I may be wrong but was just guessing that you seem younger than the average "paranormal investigator", if you would even call yourself that. I've just recently turned 18, and experienced my first paranormal event when i was 11. For seven years I have followed the paranormal to many places across the US. A good friend and fellow researcher of mine had met with a pastor named nelson price several years ago. This pastor had been involved in researching all forms of the new age and satanic beliefs emerging strongly in the 70s and 80s. He studied Dr. Charles Scudder, who at that time was a pharmacologist employed by a branch of the Loyola University school of medicine on the west side of chicago with his homosexual partner, Joseph Odom of seventeen years, I believe. Years later, after they had been killed in thier manor Price went there to investigate. He said it was certainly the two men's intention to make the manor a satanic santcuary, He said the masterbed was from the italian renaissance, held replicas of human skulls in indentations on its heavily carved headboard, and real skulls were scattered about the room. The handmade stained glass window over the courtyard showed a pentacle with a goat's head in the center. They had a libary of satanic books and works. Then theres the photo of a man with several head wounds, bound and gagged. When a friend asked scudder of the work of art, he said ,"Thats how i'm going to die". He told the individual he saw how he was going to die in a vision, he said he had a demon following him around. Supposdly the assailants had never seen the painting or heard of the demonic prophecies they had unwittingly fulfilled when they killed scudder. U have this mentioned in your uncanny section, but I believe its safe to say that it was an evil place, and that scudder did have communication with demons. I do not know the 100% accuracy of Pastor Price's findings, but usually hes pretty dead on. He mentions more of his expericences in his christian literay work, New Age, the Occult, and Lion Country. Anyway i'm done rambling on, but I just thought id share this with you. Ever since I recently heard of corpsewood I've been intrested in learning about it and perhaps going there myself one day. I'd love love to chat with you someday about the place what it looks like and what you've experienced. As you know my email is, you can IM me anytime i'm around on my msn messenger, or text my phone at **********. Thats a MS area code, I am from the south but i'm not a southren boy, I'm currently living in Montana, and i love it there. I frequent the old ghost towns virginia and neveda city MT for many paranormal findings. I believe browns gulch MT is one of the most haunted places I have ever been, if your ever intrested let me know and I'll tell you some of my stories. And dont worry i'm not full of bs. Oh and btw, since i put my IM and text down, plz dont put this email on your website unless you edit it. Thanks,**********

From: **********

Sent: Sun 3/23/08 11:19 PM To: Hi. My boyfriend and one of his friends, who lives in Calhoun had been looking for a scare Halloween of '07 when we found your website on Corpsewood. It was kind of late, so we decided not to go, but we agreed that we would take the trip soon. My boyfriend and I live about three hours away, so we were unable to go up until yesterday, March 22, 2008. We got there, and were pleasantly surprised. I took a lot of photos. It was daylight during our trip, and nothing suspicious happened as we walked around the property. Then we happened upon the pentagram in the pond. They decided to lift it up, and nothing really happened then, but my heart rate started going crazy, so I told them that we needed to go. I had been taking pictures the whole time, and once we got back to the house in Calhoun, we looked over the pictures. There was nothing suspicious until we got to the picture of them moving the pentagram. Then from there on, there were orbs in just about every picture. While we were walking back to the truck, I was feeling...strange. I knew that we needed to get out of there, but I continued to take pictures as we walked. There were quite a few more orbs and there is one picture that I took of the woods, and if you zoom in, you can see what seems to be a dog off in the distance, but we all know there wasn't really one there. They were quite interesting. Sorry for rambling, I just thought I'd give you the details of our trip. And if you're interested in seeing some of the photos, let me know. Thanks, **********

From: ********** Sent: Thu 4/10/08 11:53 AM To: you seem to be the only one who has a very good web site as to what happened on that fateful day in 1982....i was looking at another web site about all these incidents but they didn't go in to the finer details like you have...i wish you could add more pictures to your web site especially of the two people who were killed there...the doctor and his young friend...i didn't see any there.... i have a gift that sometimes i can hear and vision others who have passed on ... ( mediumship )come to me and talk to me but usually i have to see their pictures first... any how..i enjoyed your web site and thank you very much for creating it for most all to enjoy...

From: ********** Sent: Mon 6/02/08 2:27 AM To: I live in Cedar Bluff ,Al.& would appreciate any directions you could give me to corpsewood.I must go there & try to help these spirits locked in this portal of hell escape.If nothing is done one day an innocent unknowing person WILL venture out there,& they will be harmed in whatever psyche they are. THEY ARE entities out there that feed off of this gift people possess,& sometimes these people don't realize it until it is too late! This can go on forever until this portal is so large that,uneasiness is the least "BAD" vibe that will be felt. I need no help & request to remain anonymous. thank you

Hi my name is***** and I have been very intrigued by the murders. Me and my best friend have been intrested in going for 3 years now. Is there still remains there or at this point in 2008 is it all gone? Also I was wondering if you could give us better directions we are coming from cobb county . i do have directions but its just from cobb to mountain view but from that point all I know is too look for a small opening. Im not even sure if im coming from the direction that the directions on the website(one i found in research) said. If you could help it would be great, especially since we plan on going some time this week! Also thanks for making your website there are alot of people searching for things like this story and they never find it. You made it easy and filled my heart with a desire to visit. Thanks **********

From: ********** Sent: Wed 10/01/08 5:09 PM To: I was just wondering who your were and where you were from and how you came to know so much about an incident that happened around the time I was born and not pissing distance from my lifetime home. I've walked that mountain barefoot as a little girl and my family, well, like you claim, know a little to much about Corpsewood than we would like to admit. **********

From: ********** Sent: Thu 10/02/08 11:52 AM To: Hey, i just wanted to let you know that you are really brave or stupid one. HA HA ! I am just joking. I think it is awesome that u have done all this. I heard about this place from some friends at the gym. They are younger than us and we all thought they were telling a bunch of crap. They keep asking us to go with them. I wanted to know how true it all was and i found your site. im glad. So i wanted to ask if you know if it is okay to go there or is it private property now. Well going to go if you can email me back that would be great. Oh did i mention LOVE the site! TTFN, **********

From: ********** Sent: Mon 10/20/08 7:53 AM To: I love you site! Thanks so much for the pics and all the insider info. Nobody should criticize you about anything. Be proud of what you do, and what you’ve done on this site. I’ll be checking back often, hoping for more info…. Thanks **********

Also from Sharron-

I am interested in finding the book, I have moved here from Indiana and my children have friends that keep referring to Devil Worshiping Mountain, so I have looked up all I can on the net on Corpsewood Manor. I was very upset to find that there isn't really much out there with acceptation to your site on the subject. As far as the history of Charles and Joey, I have found nothing. I did feel very sad when I came across an article Charles had wrote a year before his and his partners murder describing the perfect Utopia they had found in the beautiful mountains they loved so much. I would like to learn more about this tragic situation along with any photo, documentation, or anything that can be said about the people in this story. I am not interested in going out and treading on the site, but to get to know the people behind the murders and remember them for something other than this tragic end. Charles was a doctor, but had Joey had any hopes or dreams? Anything to understand. Also, I saw on one site that you could go to the Summerville library and you could request the book but you had to leave your license with them till it is returned is this true? And who did write it? Anything anyone can tell me would be very much appreciated. My email is ********** Thank you P.S. Also, another Murder I have found, at the time...I had lived in Trion 8 years back..My children attended Trion Elementary. A man by the name of Hayward William Bissell had kidnapped a woman from Ohio...I am sure you heard about this on the news....was his girlfriend...he had brought her here...he had killed her in the parking lot of the gas station next to Trion Schools,..I had worked at the Prison at the time...and heard that the man had killed her, and mutilated her body..and when he was taken was in Alabama the police found her esophagus in his shirt pocket...he had apparently been eating it...his murderous rampage went from Georgia to Alabama and he had attempted to kill more people...I thought since you did such a good job on Corpsewood...that perhaps you could look into this case and be the first one to have a site on this twisted guy. Perhaps if enough people were to rise up...they would finally put the sicko away where he belongs and give Patricia A. Booher's family some peace of mind....right now from all I could find...his charges are still pending and its been 8 years. Thanks again, **********, am sending the only 2 links in existence on this guy one of will have to scroll to the middle of the page to find the small paragraph on the subject. It seems to me this Small town in Georgia likes to keep things hush hush.

directions?‏ From: ********** Sent: Thu 11/20/08 7:36 PM To: really cool site. hats off. I live in chattanooga and kinda know my way around in that area. Ive got a few friends in chickamauga that say thay've been to corpsewood but their directions suck and they won't take me down there. have you got some good directions? like to check it out without hiking those 4wheeler trails much more than i already have. went east by the old BP off 27 and kept on till dirt and still kept on. turned right at top of the hill at a 3 way with a little 4th trail back sharp rt. anyway i took the bigger road to the right for a little while and hiked a long trail on the left at a sharp rt. hand curve. guess it was the wrong one.-it went all the way down the ridge. i drove a little further and saw another trail on the left at a rt. hand turn(not quite as sharp as the 1st) with a fire pit at the front walked alittle ways down but didnt look like much. can you tell where i went wrong? thanx abunch.

>Sent: Mon 1/19/09 8:37 PM To: Hello, My name is **********. I am one of the co-founders of Atlanta Paranormal Investigators. We investigate haunted locations across Georgia. Our team would appreciate any chance to investigate and possibly capture any of the haunted claims at the Corpsewood. We use night vision cameras, EMF detectors, and other scientific equipment. If you would like to check out our website it is: Our team will supply a DVD to you with our investigation, interviews, and any evidence captured. If you are interested in having A.P.I. perform a free investigation, please contact me at:

From: ********** Sent: Mon 4/20/09 1:20 AM To: Hello, Im originallly from Trion, Ga. I grew up on property ajoining Mr. Scudder on Taylor's ridge. I actually met both men several times before they were killed when I was a boy. I sold the family farm several years ago and now I now live in Tennessee. I lost my only copy of Murder at Corpsewood several years ago in a flood. Would you have any idea who might have a copy for sale. I'd love to keep one in the family. Thanks,

From: ********** Sent: Wed 4/22/09 5:16 AM To:; Hi, My name is **********. My family has lived in Halls Valley, well before I was born. They have talked with the two that lived at Corpsewood Manor, and use to hang out with them. I am getting ready to go back up there again to do more research on the place, even though I have been there over 30 times, since I was 16. I was hoping we could talk face to face about what your findings and what I know from the research I did. I would like for you to go with me when I go this summer or I should say in just a couple of weeks. I am taking cameras, video, and anything else I can use to detect anything that may prove or disprove if the place is haunted or not. If you would like to talk or interview me or my family you can reach me anytime at **********. I am always here and would be glad to help you out. Also you must know I am working on my own website about the place and I have done so much research in the past and present. I would like to share my info with you as well as get some from you(I am talking about info only). I take this very seriously and I don't want any false statements or anything that may cause me or my family harm or be misleading. If you want to help please feel free to call me and we can meet up. Like I said my family is willing to help us with this, so if you want more to your stories to add to your site I am willing to share the information. I also have friends who we can talk to about what they have found and i can show you the pics they have as well. I have an office in my little country house in Halls Valley that I use to do all of my research as best I can. But I need and could use the help. So I am asking from one researcher to the other would you and could you Help Me please? If not I understand I know this is a lot to ask from someone you don't know but I need the help. I am not making fun of you in anyway, shape, or form, I am being honest with you I am out to get the truth of the place and to put an ending to the tails we heard growing up. I have some college but it is just for computers. I don't do fake photos or doctor them in any way I can even show you the hard copy ones. So please help me out, give me a call as soon as you can and let me know if you will or will not help me. Hope to hear from you soon. **********.

From: ********** Sent: Fri 4/24/09 12:01 AM To:; I have emailed you before asking for you help. Since you don't want to help me, I am asking to use an email from your site to add to mine to let people know that what they told you was a lie. Everyone knows that Scudder and Odum were in fact two gay life partners. The person who sent you the email was telling you wrong information. Like I said before, my family knew them and one of my uncles even gave Odum a ride home from the store one day and had a wreck with Odum in the car that almost killed him. I know this because I have done the research on it but I am still doing more research and even doing a trip up there, where I will do evp, thermal, cam shots, and video, to find out if the place is haunted. Just so you know yes both men's ashes are spread out up there around the Manor. You can add that to your website. I talked to the man that said he knew for a fact they were spread out up there. I have also read the actual Newspaper from that year. I am willing to help you out with your site and share all information with you but I need your help. Please get in touch with me either by phone or by my email. I am only trying to do a True website, not make up this shit that will piss everyone off. So please get in touch with me and let me know if you will or not. Thank you.....**********

From: **********