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Christian "Biblical" Counseling.


Mind-Body Health Christian Counseling is a Christian, Biblically based counseling ministry and service, not a mental health clinic.
It does not operate under guidelines that may be associated with other counseling organizations.

Since insurance companies operate on the "medical model", clients, for the legal records, are turned into patients, and the mental health professional must determine and disclose a clinical diagnosis of a mental disorder when submitting a claim to receive reimbursement by the insurance company. Once your diagnosis and other information has been submitted to the insurance company, hundreds of government agencies would have virtually unlimited access to your private records without your consent.
In other words...: your information is no longer confidential!

As a Christian Biblical Counselor, it is not my job to label (diagnose) anyone. Since this counseling ministry offers a Christian based service, labeling someone (diagnosing) is considered non-ethical.

Some other things to be aware of:

The psychology and psychiatry courses I completed, required an internship in a psychiatric hospital. When I became a Christian and enrolled in a seminary, I studied Pastoral counseling and Christian Biblical Counseling. Interestingly, if you research the pioneers of psychology and psychiatry, you'll find that most of them were non-Christians or Atheist.

Since 1994, before I became a Christian, I have been counseling in various areas. As a Christian and former Pastor (now a local missionary), I have 13 years experience counseling as a Christian Biblical counselor. It is important for people to know, that the Bible (Psalm 119:24) is the perfect and best source for all counseling, concerning any situation. Though some psychologists, psychiatrists and other mental health workers may claim to be "true" Christians, some of these, use the term "Christian Counselor" because they have learned this may expand their practice. Sad to say, not all Christians read and study their Bible, therefore, they might not have a good working knowledge of how to use it for counseling. A masters degree or Ph.D in counseling, does not automatically qualify someone as a Christian Biblical counselor.

A word of advice: I highly recommend the reader investigates the training of the counselor they wish to receive counseling from. The fact is, there are some mental health counselors (therapists, psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists) who advertise themselves as "Christian" counselors and tell you they take insurance. As a Pastor and Licensed Professional Christian Counselor, I advise you to be cautious in that most insurance companies do not accept Christian counseling. Many therapists with Ph.D's or Masters degrees, and LPC's(Licensed Professional counselors) will tell you they accept insurance. If insurance companies accepted insurance for Christian Biblical counseling, then they would have to accept insurance from 5000 plus other religions and our healthcare system would have crumbled long ago. If they tell you they accept insurance for Christian counseling, they may be committing insurance fraud. They will have to diagnose you with something and then that would be psychological counseling, not Christian Biblical counseling. I highly advise you to call your insurance carrier and ask them if they specifically accept Christian Biblical counseling.

I also recommend you first seek a pastor from your church for Christian Biblical counseling, or else, seek a Christian who is a Christian Biblical counselor. Ask if he / she belongs to any Christian Biblical counseling organizations.
Not all Christian counselors are Biblical counselors!

If you live outside my area (N.J.) and need assistance in finding a Biblically trained counselor, feel free to contact me by email:

NOTE: It is in your best interest to click on the link below and read the article "Paying for Counseling".

Paying For Counseling

Since I do not submit your information to insurance companies, your records are private and confidential, and will be released only with your consent by signing an “Authorization of Release of Records” form.

Payment is expected at the end of the session, unless other arrangements were made beforehand.
Accepted forms of payment are check or cash. A receipt of payment is given for the service provided.


The information contained on this web site is not to be construed as a medical recommendation, or as professional advice. Readers are encouraged to confirm the information contained herein with other reliable sources and to direct any questions concerning personal health care to a qualified health care professional.

Claims and statements herein are for informational purposes only and have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These statements and products are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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