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Holistic Health Wellness Counseling (H.H.W.C.)

This approach focuses on restoring balance in order that you may maintain optimum health, as best as possible. It views health as a balance of body systems - mental, emotional, and spiritual, as well as physical. All aspects of a person are seen as interrelated - a principle called holism, meaning "state of wholeness." Any disharmony is thought to stress the body and perhaps lead to sickness.

Although conventional medicine recognizes that many physical symptoms have mental components (for example, emotional stress might promote an ulcer or chronic headaches), often, the general approach is generally to suppress the symptoms, both physical and psychological.

The H.H.W.C. approach assesses the symptoms as a sign or reflection of a deeper instability within the person, and it tries to restore the physical and mental harmony that will then alleviate the symptoms.

The Six Key Principles of Holistic Health & Wellness Counseling.

1. Promote the healing power of nature.

2. First do no harm.

H.H.W. counselors choose healing methods with the intent to keep possible side effects to a minimum and not suppress symptoms.

3. Consider and work with the whole person.

A person's health is affected by many factors, such as physical, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental, and social ones. All these factors are considered when choosing various natural healing approaches whose goal is to restore balance and help regain a healthy state.

4. Discover and try to eliminate the cause.

H.H.W. counselors seek to identify and try to eliminate the causes of a disease or condition, rather than its symptoms. They believe that symptoms are signs that the body is trying to fight disease, adapt to it, or recover from it.

5. Prevention is the best cure.

Counselors teach ways of living that they consider most healthy and most likely to prevent illness.

6. Education

H.H.W. counselors consider it important to educate their patients in taking responsibility for their own health. This education will also result in understanding the integration of both Holistic and Natural Health Counseling, and the individualís active role and participation in the healing process, so that he/she may fully comply with the necessary changes and modifications which may be required to ultimately achieve optimal health.

The best illustration of H.H.W.C. is the fact that ancient Chinese doctors were paid only when their patients were healthy, not if they became ill.

Note: Prescription drugs, x-rays, and surgery are several of the practices that are not used.


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