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12th December 2006
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Bored and Unable to Sleep.

Dave:  Sometimes I find it difficult to sleep, to me you see,

sleep is a little like sanity, fleeting and often, either short

lived or long overstaying its welcome. Much like sleep sanity is

something you either don’t miss, don’t realize you miss or curse

at every step. Its like having a driving license you long to be

 mobile but once you have the freedom you realize you have no

where to go.

Sleep never comes easy to me, it never has, from the nights I spent

 as a kid fighting off the demons of the night with my old hunting

 knife, that would, indifferently somehow find its way to my fore

arms. That knife was such a comfort, and to fondle its finished

wooden handle now would be something of a comfort, a blessing.

However, now older and wiser and with less undisclosed mental health

 issues and a lot more experience I realize how pointless both sleep

 and material possession is. Don’t get me wrong I would love a

Mansion and a Ferrari but not at the expense of a life or my sanity.

 However sanity is also pointless, it’s a condition placed on us,

when the most lucid I have ever been was in my darkest hours,

somehow it’s the only time I have felt truly human, truly here

and not felt like I was dreaming this life and someone else

(someone crap) was living it for me. Its just another method of

control, like morality, what’s immoral anyway? Finding the love of

you life and spending the night making amazing passionate love? I

think not! What is immoral is quelling freedom and art. Some art is

 different, they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, well then

 so is art.

Art should not be about well off students trying to fight into the

country elite like mum and dad did, it is about the conveyance of an

emotion. Going by this then, cereal killers become artists. Sick

twisted and evil but artists nether the less. An art form we all,

in a fashion, not only are capable of but also fascinated by to a

certain degree. If we weren’t why would the media report it? And why

would they have reported it since the start of the printed word if it

were not in public interest.

The long winded point I make is this. We as animals have lost none of

our prime evil drives, we all would and are capable of killing but just

 like dogs, we understand what consequences lie before us for not

following our masters whip. However, one way we differ from dogs is the

 fact that we are being governed by beings equal if not worse than

ourselves, and we seem to be alright about it. Why?

I shall leave you thinking about that, and let it mill around in your

head for a while before you decide you think I’m crazy. Just think about

 it and ask your self why to al the questions you get that lead from

this question and see where you end up. Remember in the most pure of the

 many forms they took, even Jesus would have been a communist and an



Just think about it.


Dave: daveyb@unichallenged.com



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