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25th November 2006
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'Bleed for me, I've bled for you,

Embrace me child I'll see you through'

Hayd:  Ok so school placement has played hell on mine and Dave's dwindling

social lives but we're nearly done now. As a result the comic is nearly back to


   It's my birthday on Tuesday, I'll be 24 go me!!!! (My God I'm getting old).

I've been getting some good reports for comics we did for Dusted so we're happy

about that, as long as you enjoy them, we'll do them.

   Sure I have lots to mention I just have no idea what they are. Thanks to those

who've been posting in the forum it's had a good start. Everyone else, don't be shy

come on in, join up and let us know what you think.


Right I'm off to watch more Scrubs and generally relax and kick back. Proper

rant next time.


Hayd: bigbot@unichallenged.com



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