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09th October 2006
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He has, without a doubt, certainly,

well and truly...F&#Łed it!!!

Hayd:   Ok, Ok, Ok...I admit it, we (well me) screwed up. After getting the site

completely back on track, collecting a following, we disappeared. This was, without

doubt, my fault and not Dave's. With moving back home over summer I had no

place in which to effectively create and colour comics, not to mention the amount I

was travelling the country. So I'm sorry, to all those who emailed Dave, to Dave

himself, Ann and Sarah, I apologise.

        We are however, back and back in style. Big changes are afoot. Not to the

site design per se but additions to the Universally Challenged experience. We hope

you like what we've done, we certainly do. More will be released on this at a later


     In other news, we're back for our 4th year of uni, our brains now leaking out of

our ears and dissertation proposals done and dusted, Both now have decent jobs

and with it, the ability to buy more beer.

    Ok keeping this short so you don't see the amount of writing and just not bother

reading. See you on the flip side.

Hayd: bigbot@unichallenged.com



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