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04th July 2006
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All that is necessary for evil to

succeed is that good men do nothing.

- Edmund Burke

Dave:   Well, sorry (to Haydn mostly) I haven’t ranted in a while…

 I’m a buffoon you see, and keep forgetting to do so, leaving

Haydn in the lurch and me in the pub.. It’s the beer you see…

It loves me… And I it… Really not much to report since download,

 I’ve been lonely and bored and in need of a hug, Haydn and my

 girlie have all abandoned me so I’m here all alone with thoughts of

cheese flavoured rice cakes and why you would want to make

something taste like something lese any way… Man that’s stooped,

 I mean a potato is a potato so stop trying to make it taste like a

 chicken, no wonder were all fat!

                     What’s the deal with long hair? Looks cool on some

people and stooped on everyone else… I mean if your too tight to

go to the barbers then the government should start some kind of

subsidy where an Australian sheep farmer comes round and shaves

 you once a month! Man Australia is a stoopid place… s’like her but

big and hot with poisonous reptiles. We should have left all the

criminals here and gone to Australia, better weather, more space

to build shit, we’d have been away son. Right enough of the

randomness normalservice will resume shortly. As soon as

my brain re boots!

Dave: daveyb@unichallenged.com



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