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26th June 2006
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All that is necessary for evil to

succeed is that good men do nothing.

- Edmund Burke

Hayd:      Ooooh where to start this week. Ok I'll start with the above. We've been

planning a photo strip for ages and finally came up with a script at download.

Photos were promptly taken by the lovely Sarah M. It'll ALMOST be the last time

we mention download (honest). Either way, we think it turned out rather well. The

bloke in the England shirt in the strip is my brother Owen who accompanied us to

the festival.

         On the topic of Download, we've uploaded the photos. They can be found in

the sketches and photos section or here here and here. Go check them out for

much mirth and merriment.

       Also, it has been mentioned that upon our relaunch we had lost quite a few

wallpapers from our sketches page and it looked quite bare. Well as with buses,

you wait ages and then 3 come along at once. To begin with, the ever popular

Challenged-San. has returned. Next up we have something special Drawn by.

Dave and coloured by me. The K-1001  is our first lonely Kev background and I feel

it turned out really nicely. Finally, despite how long they've been around The Fish

finally get their own backdrop. All three wallpapers come in 1024 and 1298 sizes

and are available from the sketches and photos page.

       Ok so as if that wasn't enough, we also returned a favour this week and did a

gueststrip for Solo Card over at The Life of Colin. It's viewable through this link or

once again in our sketches section.

           Nearly done (if you're still reading this I'll be impressed). This week we

signed up on Myspace. The idea is for a bit of a promotion (seeing as we're media

whores) and to get in touch with people a bit, so if you have myspace out there and

you want to add us for anything, rank us or talk to us the address is


Ok so I think that's it. See you on the flip side

Hayd: bigbot@unichallenged.com



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