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8th June 2006
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I wish my lawn was Emo, then it would

cut itself......

Hayd:  Dave sits above my left shoulder, my brother Owen sits on the bed beside

me, some would say we are slightly inebriated. We would not argue. For tonight

we are in rehearsal for the great festival Download. The big metal festival we are about

to spend the next 5 days of our beer filled life in, Accompanying us are Sarah, Pete

and CO, JP, Sian (my sister) and her boyfriend amongst others. The line-up is a

veritable feast of who's who. Here is the is the list. Read and be jealous.

          As a result, as well as getting a fact of life from us above you may remember we

have been advertising in various places for a guest strip over the next week as we will

be unable/too drunk/metalled out to produce a comic for you. Well the response is

awesome and so we have 3 guest comics to show you. We'd like to thank the guys

who spent their time making these awesome strips. Check back on the Monday,

Wednesday and Friday to see each one and then on the Sunday to see a large

Download report from us including photos, anecdotes and a special comic strip for you

all (We spoil you, really we do)

           This guy is my new Hero Seriously he must have stones the size of Mexico to

pull that off.

Ok Eh, I'm the only one with stopping power, my bro and Dave have made their merry

way to bed.

Ok I'm Out, if you see us, buy us a beer. We'll return the favour by calling you our best

mate and telling you we love you...(Note to self: Need higher charisma stats to

convince others to buy beer)


See you on the flip side

Hayd: bigbot@unichallenged.com



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