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24th April 2006
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For the love of God someone cover my eyes,

 I don't need to hear that!

Hayd: My, my, my it's been a busy week here with all sorts of things cracking off.

        To begin with I went away to Yorkshire for three days during Easter with my

girlfriend. It was a really enjoyable trip during which I was taken all around Whitby,

Scarborough and Robin Hood's bay as well as riding a NYMR service (a steam

railway for those interested). I was thoroughly relaxed throughout (and could now

consider moving there when I'm older and out of university).

      Once I returned I spent the rest of the week colouring the comic you see above.

It's the Great British Webcomic Piss-up 4 themed comic. Now only is it officially the

longest comic we've ever produced (damn you Dave!!), but I think it's one of my

better looking ones. I'm finally getting the hang of colouring and my drawing has

slowly improved. It isn't my aim to sound bigheaded, I know I still have a long way to

go (especially since I consider the last issue to resemble wet ass). Anyway thanks

to 'Edache' for bringing this event to us, we have a blast each year . If you want to

view anyone else' Webcomic St George Special, click the blue banner beneath this


     Silent Hill is one of the best video game movies ever made (not a high accolade I

am well aware). I saw it last night with a friend and we both agreed it was

wonderfully done, it is exceptionally tense and frightening in places. This isn't a

'jump out and scare you' picture, instead the film develops the fear as it progresses.

Every creature is straight from the games and there are lots of cameos and Easter

egg moments for those who have played the games. Some have complained the

movies ending lets the films down but I don't feel this is the case, the ending is very

open to interpretation (something I will not spoil here for you though). However I will

tell you to go in with an open mind and don't expect to be spoon fed every little

piece of information.

Huge rant this week. I'm out see you on the flip side.

Hayd: bigbot@unichallenged.com



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