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18th April 2006
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Pink Canopies My Arse!

Dave: After traipsing to Nottingham to find a door with pink canopies above it in

the dark and (needless to say) failing miserably. Ho and breaking several laws

around Nottingham’s one way system, I have had a mixed week. I have been

 teetering on the edge of abject boredom, to the point of my razor sharp wit

trickling out my ear and splashing on my Reebok classics and being stressed to the

 point of every vain in my face simultaneously exploding. 

               Therefore I am going to say no more… What else I have been up to

over the past few weeks I shall leave up to your imagination in fact lets have a

competition to see who can get closest to telling me what I’ve been up to. Go

e-mail it to me I DARE YA! The prize can be a heated night of sweaty man

passion with Haydn, we all know he loves it so answers in an e-mail to the e-mail

address at the bottom of the page.

 Your evil overlord.

Dave: daveyb@unichallenged.com



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