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27th March 2006
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'People should not be afraid of their Governments,

 Governments should be afraid of their people'

Hayd: Dear God I feel like cream crap. I've had a flu bug for the last two weeks and

for some reason it refuses to shift. I'm gonna feel a helluva lot better when it finally


       The title atop of my rant is a quote from 'V for Vendetta' which I saw last week. I

found this to be a very enjoyable and evocative movie. The idea behind the movie is a

very realistic one. While others have claimed that it poured the Bush bashing on a

little too thickly, I found it to be a very realistic portrayal of the way in which Britain is

moving and who is directly to blame. Us, the people, how many times do we look the

other way when something wrong happens because it's easier to do. Not because

we're scared or we have faith that our government is doing the right thing, but because

we are apathetic. Slowly but surely we lose more and more of our freedom to

watchdogs who claim it is for our 'safety from terrorism' and people are letting it

happen. This film gives us that message so very eloquently and sometimes we have to

brave and take a stand for change to take place.

      'Tis a short comic by Dave this week, but very effective I feel. I had to go home for

a very distressing time. RIP Trotsky, will miss you.

      As Dave also mentioned last week, we're once again taking part in the British

Webcomic piss-up on the 24th April to Celebrate St. George's Day. Yes we're aware

St. George's Day is the 23rd but the 24th a Monday and Traditionally the busiest day

for webcomic updates. If you click the banner it will take you to the other comics


                 Big rant this week, I'm out. See ya on the flip side.

Hayd: bigbot@unichallenged.com



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